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Nearly 200 stu­dents and faculty responded to a Col­legian survey about local favorites. Cat­e­gories and choices on the survey were deter­mined by the Col­legian edi­torial board, but allowed write-in opinions. These high­lighted busi­nesses won by the majority of the votes in their cat­egory, as deter­mined by campus’ favorites.


Best Burger: Hunt Club

By Calli Townsend

Hillsdale stu­dents have decided: The Hunt Club is the place to go for a great burger.

The Hunt Club received 44 percent of the vote. Lane 17 at Hillside Lanes and Here’s to You Pub & Grub received second and third place respec­tively.

Freshman Carmen Botha said The Hunt Club’s Texas burger is her favorite.

“It’s bigger than most burgers and very juicy,” she said. “The bun is very good. It’s soft with a crunchy toasted side. They also use thicker slices of bacon, which is good.”

Sophomore Kolton Rominski is another Hunt Club burger fan. His said his favorite is the mac ‘n’ cheese burger.

“Who doesn’t like mac ‘n’ cheese? Then you put it on a burger, and it’s cooked to order, which I like,” Rominski said. “It’s very dif­ferent and unique. Not many places have it. They have ten to 15 types of burgers.”

The Hunt Club’s Head Chef, Dan Stevens, said he was honored to be chosen.

“It’s an honor. It’s nice to be voted number one burger in town,” Stevens said. “The mustang melts are probably the most popular. If I had to make a choice, I’d say the cowboy burgers are my favorite.”


Best Ice Cream: Udder Side

By Madeline Fry

For flavors from chocolate almond to coconutty, Hillsdale stu­dents call The Udder Side their favorite sweet spot.

More than 80 percent of stu­dents chose The Udder Side as Hillsdale County’s best ice cream spot in a poll sent out by the Col­legian last week.

Of 186 stu­dents who responded, 17 chose Coney’s and Swirls, 8 picked Handmade, and one selected Finish Line Family Restaurant. Five stu­dents who responded “other” named Vanity Ice Cream, Johnny T’s gelato, McDonald’s, and A.J.’s Café.

When Jessica Hurley ’17 was a student at Hillsdale, she went to The Udder Side ten times during one finals week, she said.

Senior Alexa Tipton, whose ded­i­cation to frozen treats shows in her Facebook album “The Udder Side of Me,” said she and Jada Bissett ’17 came for ice cream and great service.

“I love their mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s the best I’ve ever had,” Tipton said. “Also, for sorority open houses Jada and I went to Udder Side to buy waffle cones for one of Kappa’s hors d’oeuvres, and the owner was so nice that he gave us an entire box of them for free. I love their cus­tomer service and choose Udder Side over any other ice cream store in the Hillsdale and Jonesville area.”


Best Bar: Here’s to You Pub and Grub

By Jo Kroeker

For my friend Lydia’s birthday, our mutual friend Morgan treated us to Here’s to You Pub & Grub, known to all as P&G. Past the smokers outside, through the fogged-up glass door,  owner Kevin Conant scru­ti­nizes your ID himself before you order or sit.

The woman who busses our table, wiping the water rings away, is a mom. She apol­o­gizes for clearing while we’re there but she takes pride in keeping the tables clean. We thanked her and she said she gets practice cleaning at home.

Con­struction workers building the chapel are seated by us. Even­tually, we all got to talking. The foreman is there with a con­tractor, a worker, and an intern. The worker is getting a degree from Bowling Green and the intern took a travel gap year, going to Japan, Iceland, and Europe, so we talked about that — all of us having now moved onto their pitcher of beer, which keeps filling itself.

The bar­tender knows how to hold her own. She banters with everyone, unleashing a few barbed jokes reserved for the men who almost don’t know what they’re saying. She is tough, untiring, glo­rious.

We’re all friends here.


Best Date Spot: Olivia’s Chop House 

By Allison Schuster

Olivia’s Chop House is located in Jonesville, a 10-minute drive from campus, and boasts a fine dining expe­rience, prime for any romantic evening.

It is no wonder, then, that Olivia’s received 34 percent of Hillsdale College’s vote for best date spot. In second was Rosalie’s Road­house, and Johnny T’s Bistro was third.

You and your date can enjoy intimate low lighting and a wide array of seating. Spa­cious booths or tables located an ade­quate dis­tance away from each other ensure total privacy. Both lunch and dinner menus feature quality dishes with higher prices than most Hillsdale or Jonesville eateries, but still won’t break the bank.

One fan favorite and some­thing unique to Olivia’s is their fla­vored butter served with bread, with changing flavors each day. A Friday or Sat­urday night date at Olivia’s is guar­anteed to delight. Olivia’s closes at 10 p.m., so be sure to take your date out early.


Best Coffee: Rough Draft 

By Regan Meyer

Caf­feine by way of coffee, courses through the veins of nearly every college student. While the typical student sur­vives on Wal-Mart k‑cups, it can be ther­a­peutic to enjoy an artisan cup of joe topped with some gor­geous latte art. Hills­dalians find that beau­tiful brew in various spots around town but not one can hold a candle to Rough Draft.

Rough Draft came in first with 95 votes with the closest com­pe­tition, Checker Records, coming in second with 52 total tallies. Stu­dents cited both coffee quality and drink uniqueness as favorite aspects of Rough Draft.

“I appre­ciate the uniqueness flavors of the lattes and the sweetness,” said sophomore Maria Forsythe. “They usually tailor the level of sweetness to you. Their lattes are just high quality.”

Rough Draft not only serves up great coffee but also a warm and wel­coming atmos­phere said freshman Sophie Reynolds.

“Rough Draft has a really nice atmos­phere,” Reynolds said. “It’s a nice, relaxing place to study. I really like that they serve coffee in actual mug, so they reduce waste from the cups and plastic lids which is important for the envi­ronment.”


Best Sandwich: Handmade

By Hannah Niemeier

It took four years for my family to visit me on Parents Weekend. When they did this past fall, descending on Hillsdale all cornfed and thriving from a Nebraska town swept up in the Mid­western health craze, I thought they would probably like some lunch when they arrived. Where? Of course: Handmade.
I claimed Handmade the best spot for sand­wiches. Owner Derek Spiteri and his dreams of a sandwich shop with addi­tions like cold coffee brewed like beer and beer fla­vored with coffee (someday), was the perfect stop for my family
Ask Spiteri sometime about his search for the perfect ice cream. He tasted vanillas across Wis­consin for it. Ask him about how he crafts his sea­sonal menu. His catering adven­tures are full of light and foodie wisdom.
I told my family these stories; they wolfed their sand­wiches. My mom liked the spicy may­on­naise; my dad praised the short­bread. We sat outside at two cafe tables and enjoyed a golden afternoon: we were warm, full-bellied, blessed, sur­rounded by family with a wild weekend awaiting.
I asked my sister if she would eat at Handmade if she lived here: “Better than Subway,” she said.
An under­statement. This spring, as the weather gets warmer and we think again about refu­eling with friends and family instead of our com­puter screens, let Spiteri treat you like a regular. There are plenty of choices, but he ded­i­cates his days to getting them right. And that’s a part of Hillsdale worth remem­bering. One of the Best.

Best Brunch: The Palace

By Crystal Schupbach

The stu­dents of Hillsdale pro­vided the Palace Cafe with its true title this year: an upgrade from Best Breakfast of 2017, the Palace is the Best Brunch of 2018. It’s 11 am. Your friend wants a sandwich, you still want some sausage links and eggs over easy. Why not have both? You can even cheaply satisfy your sweet tooth with a $3.95 cin­namon roll pancake that is the size of a $5 Hot n’ Ready pizza. The murals on the wall never let the con­ver­sa­tions die, leading to ques­tions “is that an angel flying over a duck…? And a…frat house?”.  And if you need some advice con­cerning the gossip cir­cu­lating our small town from last night, look no further than the sign on the wall that reads, “Mind your own bis­cuits and life will be gravy.”


Best Enter­tainment: Hillsdale Pre­miere Theatre 

By Aaron Andrews

With six screens showing the latest and greatest block­busters and a con­cession counter selling all the candy and coke that a student’s shallow pocket can muster, this theater is all that you can hope for from small town enter­tainment.

“I like the movie theater here because it’s more com­munity driven,” junior Adam Cieply said. “It has that small town theater feel. With its limited number of the­aters, whenever big block­buster movies come out — like any of the Marvel or Star Wars movies — it’s always packed. It’s a ton of fun. It feels like people are engaging with some­thing. It feels better than a big AMC with 14 – 15 screens.”

If you don’t like crowds, however, you can always show up on a week­night. I went to a showing of Black Panther with my fiancé last Monday, and we had the whole theater to our­selves.

At $7.75 per adult, the tickets are rel­a­tively cheap. “It’s a good two or three dollars cheaper than the theater back home,” junior Henry Lis­ten­berger said.

The seats are roomy. “I love how there’s so much space between the seats,” senior Jess Degree said. “You usually only find comfy seats like that in a spe­cialty theater.”

Whether for the love of small town cinema or the lack of any other dis­crete modes of public enter­tainment, Hillsdale Pre­miere Theater reigns supreme.