Stu­dents who reg­ister for classes should not have dif­fi­culty finding seats. This espe­cially applies to stu­dents who are paying to attend a course that they must pass to graduate.

And yet, this is exactly what happens all too often at Center for Con­structive Alter­na­tives lec­tures in which enrolled stu­dents must compete with campus vis­itors to find a spot. If they cannot, they risk relo­cation to Dow A & B, at which point they may as well watch the livestream from the crowdless comfort of their own rooms. (But since stu­dents are required to phys­i­cally check-in, that isn’t a viable option.)

Instead, the college should reserve a student seating section, limited to the number of stu­dents reg­is­tered for the CCA. Vis­itors could also have their own reserved section, so long as it does not keep any stu­dents who are paying to be there from finding a seat. Anyone else who wants to listen to the lecture could find seating in the remaining space in Phillips Audi­torium or the Dow A & B overflow room.

The current system results in stu­dents fran­ti­cally pacing the aisles looking for an open spot while the lecture is about to start and awk­wardly squeezing past annoyed attendees to grab a seat in the middle of a row.

Until Phillips is expanded and a long-term solution is reached, a reserved section is an easy fix that would make the seating process smoother for everyone. It will also present a better impression of the college to some of our biggest sup­porters, who don’t need to see a horde of frus­trated stu­dents scouring the audi­torium for an empty chair.

Stu­dents deserve a place in their class­rooms. Give them one at the CCA.