Student Fed members are inducted. Emily Blatter | Col­legian

Student Fed­er­ation Pres­ident and junior Natalie Meckel swore in the new members of the fed­er­ation, as well as freshman Braden VanDyke as the new Sergeant-at-Arms.

VanDyke pre­vi­ously worked for student gov­ernment in high school as the student body pres­ident.

“I believe in the mission of both the Student Fed­er­ation and Hillsdale College and the way that they work in cohesion together,” VanDyke said. “I believe that the work that the Student Fed­er­ation does is good and its cause is noble.”

Inde­pendent-at-large and freshman Isabella Redjai felt that VanDyke fit the position in more ways than one.

“He seemed pas­sionate, and, looking at his bio, he had a lot of expe­rience,” Redjai said. “He also seemed like someone who would serve in Student Fed in the future, so having him serve as the sergeant-at-arms would be an investment as well.”  

The sergeant-in-arms works as an assistant to the sec­retary of the fed­er­ation.

The fed­er­ation spent the rest of the evening assigning dif­ferent fed­er­ation members to the normal com­mittees of the fed­er­ation such as the finance com­mittee, rules com­mittee, and the campus improvement com­mittee.