Senior Isaac Dell’s senior art show started Wednesday. Facebook

While preparing for his art show, it’s not been unusual for senior Isaac Dell to be in the studio for 12 hours a day. Dell has been working many, many hours to get all of his pieces ready for his senior art exhibit.

Dell’s artwork will be on display in the Daughtrey Gallery in the Sage Center for the Arts Wednesday through Sunday, with a reception held on Feb. 17 from 3 to 5 p.m. Most of the sculp­tures that Dell has created during his time at Hillsdale will be dis­played as well as some of his drawings, a few paintings, some of his graphic design, and even some of the fur­niture he made in high school.

With most of his pieces, he will also display the sketches so everyone can see the process he went through in his cre­ations.

“You don’t nec­es­sarily have to like art to appre­ciate the cre­ative process and the end product. And I think that’s some­thing that my senior show will display,” Dell said. “Cre­ating is a chal­lenge: to con­ceive an idea and then have the skill set to create and make that idea man­ifest itself into a physical object.”

His younger sister, Joanna, a sophomore at Hillsdale, said she has been proud to watch her brother’s hard work.

“It has been really neat to see the progress and metic­ulous work Isaac has put into every detail of this show over the past months,” she said. “He has really aimed to use this oppor­tunity to the fullest and rep­resent who he is as an artist.”

And now all of campus will have the oppor­tunity to see Dell’s hard work, cre­ative process, and talent.

Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Art Anthony Fru­dakis said he has been sur­prised by Dell’s abil­ities in every­thing he creates.

“I am amazed with the quality of really all his work,” Fru­dakis said.

Fru­dakis men­tioned several of Dell’s sculp­tures — his life-sized male figure, the female figure he carved from lime­stone, and his three-figure sculpture of football players. Each of these pieces required a lot of time, patience, and care. With each piece there was a nar­rative and an idea that Dell com­mu­ni­cated beau­ti­fully.

“He’s really expressing the con­cepts very well,” Fru­dakis said.

Fru­dakis has enjoyed teaching Dell over the past several years and watching him set the bar very high for himself as he realized his talent and made a decision to develop it.

“He has com­mitted himself to excel­lence,” Fru­dakis said.

One of the qual­ities that Fru­dakis has really appre­ciated in Dell is that he has remained the same, “ter­rific young man,” as he pursues his pas­sions and ambi­tions in art.

“He can have this ambition and deter­mi­nation and yet, along with it he hasn’t changed,” Fru­dakis said. “He is still friendly and a good person.”

Fru­dakis said there is a feeling that the whole art department is really cheering for him because of his char­acter.  

With grad­u­ation coming up for Dell in May, he is still making deci­sions about his future. For now he is planning on returning home to Ohio for the summer to work and design for the steel company his dad owns.

Further down the road, Fru­dakis said he really believes Dell could go far.

“The sky is the limit,” Fru­dakis said. “He has he ability and oppor­tu­nities to do some really won­derful things in sculpting.”