President’s Ball 2016 hits record atten­dance.


The Student Activ­ities Board is holding one of its most note­worthy (and classy) events all year long on Sat­urday: President’s Ball, with this year’s theme inspired by the Middle East.

The ball is from 9 p.m. to mid­night in the Searle Center.

Although SAB orig­i­nally named the theme “Arabian Nights,” it later mod­ified it.

“The theme has been mod­ified, and is less ‘Arabian Nights’ and now more elegant, Middle Eastern, desert-oasis-type theme,” said senior Jake Kenyon, the event’s cre­ative team leader.

With hanging fabric, a unique patio set-up, and ceiling adorn­ments appealing to a sunset, SAB is exper­i­menting with their cre­ative process at this year’s President’s Ball.

“Our light designer, Scott Pienta, gave us some ideas for this year. We’re using his lighting towers to hang our fabric, so it’s really a col­lab­o­rative process,” Kenyon said. “We can’t attach any­thing to the walls in Searle, so that def­i­nitely creates some chal­lenges we have to overcome, but it helps us become more cre­ative with how we use the space.”

Kenyon said he directed their light designer to use a color scheme of red, orange, pink, and gold to appeal to the idea of a sunset.

Sunsets aren’t the only thing that will be at the ball.

“Chicken tenders will be making an appearance again this year, but maybe in a dif­ferent form,” Director of Student Activites Ashlyn Landherr said. “We try to keep it inter­esting.”

Chicken tenders, though, are not the only items on this year’s menu. The event will also have a ‘dip bar’ with a variety of dips for people to taste, as well as “fancy grilled cheese,” according to Assistant Director of Student Activ­ities Hank Prim.

“What we have found is that people just want comfort food at these events, rather than align the food with a Middle Eastern theme, which they’ve done in the past, and does not always meet with success,” Prim said.

There will also be a dessert bar with both a chocolate and fruit option.

The Jerry Ross band will be per­forming again, per Dr. Arnn’s request, according to SAB sources. The band plays a variety of music from swing to modern pop covers.

SAB will also provide stu­dents with a pho­to­booth, where stu­dents will be able to take a printed photo with them by the end of the evening.

“We’re excited about it. The team’s really excited about it. This is one of their favorite events to put on, every year, just because it is one of the more elegant and tra­di­tional items Hillsdale College has always offered,”  Prim said. “I know we’re excited about it, and we hope the student body is, too.”

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    looks like Hillsdale is bending to the PC culture we live in.

    • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

      Because they are holding a Ball? Question: Do you ever have any­thing pos­itive or com­pli­mentary to say about Hillsdale College?

      • Jen­nifer Melfi

        I actually have a lot of pos­itive things to say about Hillsdale College:
        Here are 4 of recent vintage

        But I also have a right to post whatever I want about a college that I went to, that has changed course in a pretty dra­matic way — and to help people to under­stand how this will impact their college expe­rience and/or post-college oppor­tu­nities.

        The point about PC culture is that everyone wants to pile-on about how they hate PC culture outside of Hillsdale, but in the moment, they too (hillsdale college) realize the value of NOT having an “Arabian Nights” themed event.

        • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

          You’re coming across as a party-pooper. Nothing wrong with having a little innocent fun.

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            well that isn’t the case at all. I strongly encourage fun — even the type of fun that occurred in 2001 when a young man spiked the punch at one of these ballz. But come on… let the theme stand. You are going back and forth on whether you approve of, or attack PC culture.

          • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

            I’m the far­thest thing from Political Correct you’ll ever encounter, trust me. Just trying to temper your con­dition to always see the worst in all things Hillsdale. Our lives are short, why spend the majority of them looking at the dark side of events? As for me, I would have loved to go to a President’s Ball at Hillsdale College, be it themed Arabian Nights or Gilligan’s Island. But I was too nerdy, afraid of girls and too busy studying when I was that age. Pity. I hope the young folks are reading this and don’t sim­i­larly waste their lives trying to move that ‘A-’ to an ‘A+’, because nobody cares once you leave college and enter the work­force. But the memory of a really boss-chic in your arms, some nice music and lots of bright talk and laughter-those times won’t come back again!