Gal­loway guys chilling’ in the space they have now, but look forward to more in the future. Nicole Ault | Col­legian

Con­struction on Gal­loway is scheduled to begin imme­di­ately fol­lowing the end of the 2018 Spring semester, but will not be fin­ished until fall of 2020. This means the men of Gal­loway will be “exiled,” as the Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffery Rogers put it, for an entire year before they can return to their “homedorm.”

In planning for the ren­o­va­tions, the deans spoke with the student leaders within Gal­loway about what they wanted to see in their new home.

The new Gal­loway will feature more study areas and common areas and will keep its com­munal bath­rooms. It will also include a new outdoor hangout space where res­i­dents can con­tinue to host their weekly Thursday gath­erings. This is a tra­dition which usually involves a bonfire, grilled meat, cigars, and an eclectic mix of Frank Sinatra and Taylor Swift music.

In the interim, most of Galloway’s current res­i­dents will move into Whitley Res­i­dence, which is cur­rently a female res­i­dence. Mean­while Whitley res­i­dents will move to the new unnamed women’s dorm, according to Carolyn Mil­ligan, assistant to the vice-pres­ident of student affairs.

However, Whitley can house only 49 of Galloway’s current 88 res­i­dents, so some res­i­dents will have to move into off campus housing.

“Gal­loway dorm has a lot of guys that have really been blessed with living there,” Rogers said. “There is a sadness and an excitement in them. They know they will never be able to back to Gal­loway as it is, but there is an excitement because it will be new.”

Sophomore Res­i­dence Assistant Ethan Visser said he loves the quirky cama­raderie and com­munity that he has found in Gal­loway over the past two years, some­thing he attributes both to the shared expe­rience of living in the most rundown dorm on campus as well as the strength of his dorm-mate’s char­acter.  

“I think a lot of guys in Gal­loway are not worried about how they look and are unapolo­get­i­cally them­selves, which is why Gal­loway is pretty strange,” Visser said. “But I love being a part of that, and I respect that in others. I think also faith is a big part of Gal­loway, and there’s a lot of humility and will­ingness to serve. I see a lot of all that in Gal­loway and also just good fun.”

He and his dorm-mates are con­fident that in even the coming year of con­struction and sep­a­ration, the spirit of Gal­loway will remain as strong and close as ever.

“The char­acter comes from the guys, not the building,” Visser said. “The deans are already talking to the RA’s, who will be staying about keeping up the tra­di­tions and culture. I’m not worried.”

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