The Society of Physics Stu­dents held an energy demon­stration in Grewcock Student Union Friday, where stu­dents could power light bulbs by ped­aling a bicycle. Jordyn Pair | Col­legian

The energy bike demon­stration hosted by the Society of Physics Stu­dents on Friday did more than high­light the physics department — it also helped spread awareness about energy effi­ciency.

“I had the idea that if they were able to feel it in their body, they would get it,” Physics department chair Ken Hayes said.

The demon­stration, in the Grewcock Student Union on Friday afternoon, con­sisted of a bike hooked up to three types of light­bulbs. Par­tic­i­pants who rode the bike could see how much ped­aling it took to light up incan­descent bulbs, compact flu­o­rescent bulbs, or LED bulbs. LED bulbs are the most energy effi­cient of the three.

The project was started two and a half years ago by Michael Tripepi ’17. It was taken over and fin­ished by senior Rebekah Roundey.

The project was “very nearly done,” when she got it, Roundey said.

Between 30 to 50 people tried the bike on Friday, according to Roundey.

The point of the bike was to demon­strate energy effi­ciency.

“It’s a way to bring physics to people,” said junior Laura Salo, who helped lead the demon­stration.

Hayes said that exposing people to science is part of the reason the society does these demon­stra­tions.

“Right now, there’s a lot of people in the country who don’t view science with a lot of respect, and that’s a tragedy,” Hayes said.

Hayes said he hopes that people would relate to the demon­stration since it deals with issues like energy effi­ciency, eco­nomics, and con­ser­vation.

Roundey echoed his sen­ti­ments.

“It’s not only important from a con­ser­vation side, but from an eco­nomic side,” Roundey said. “We think it’s important for non-science majors to think about it.”


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