The City of Hillsdale selected a new slogan to go along with their new logo. City of Hillsdale | Courtesy


The City of Hillsdale adopted its first-ever tagline at a Feb. 5 city council meeting.

The new slogan — “Family. Tra­dition. Oppor­tunity.” — will appear on city signs and doc­u­ments as well as its website. It also could be added to city vehicles such as police cars in the future, as well.

Chosen by popular vote via a poll on the city’s Facebook page, the tagline beat out “Classic. Cre­ative. Com­munity.” and “Small Town Feel. Lasting Impact.” by a margin of two votes. About 200 people par­tic­i­pated in the poll.

“I think the new logo and tagline is an announcement that we’re moving forward,” Mayor Adam Stockford said in an email. “It’s like buying a new wardrobe. It doesn’t accom­plish any­thing per se, but it’s meant to inspire con­fi­dence and hope. If it does nothing more than that, I’m fine with it.”

Senior Joshua Lieb­hauser said he thinks the new slogan is an aspi­ra­tional mission statement.

“Hillsdale is trying to focus on eco­nomic improvement. New busi­nesses like Handmade, Rough Draft, Hillsdale Brewing company, etc., have all opened, showing at least pos­itive growth in local small busi­nesses. Meijer wants to come here,” he said. “It needs to be imme­di­ately obvious what the tag line’s con­nection is to the town.”

Junior Dylan Strehle dis­agreed, sug­gesting the tagline could better high­light was the town offers presently.

“It high­lights what our town could be as opposed to selling some­thing we don’t have,” he said.

  • Ellsworth_Toohey

    —-“Senior Joshua Lieb­hauser said he thinks the new slogan is an aspi­ra­tional mission statement.”

    To learn how to spell?

    • Ellsworth_Toohey
    • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

      You mis­un­der­stood his statement, he used ‘aspi­ra­tional’ cor­rectly. It is an uncommon word.

      • Ellsworth_Toohey

        aspi­ra­tional: having or char­ac­terized by aspi­ra­tions to achieve social prestige and material success.

        The word “Oppor­tunity” was spelled wrong on the city logo. See below

        • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

          Ahhhh, I stand cor­rected. Over­looked that. Good find!

          • Ellsworth_Toohey

            I’d like to take credit but I can’t. In one of the more popular student twitter feeds, it was being mocked. Be aware this is state money being given to the city of Hillsdale in a program called “Rising Tide”… a program designed to head off emer­gency man­agement.

            Truly comical if it wasn’t tax­payer money.…

          • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

            Com­pletely agree, but it pales in com­parison to Federal Money wasted on even more appalling things.

          • Ellsworth_Toohey

            Perhaps, but as they say all pol­itics are local. This kind of local madness.… chasing grants for grants sake, is where local cit­izens can make a dif­ference.

            It’s the apathy that’s the real villain…

          • Alexan­derYp­si­lantis

            Apathy is shameful. I wish we could attract more folks to comment on these stories, I enjoy the debate and dis­cussion. And we all learn when we exchange ideas. It seems too many folks just go through the motions. They shouldn’t.

  • Ellsworth_Toohey

    My slogan:

    “Hillsdale —  You can’t make this stuff up”