Market House cus­tomers at the Hillsdale and Hudson loca­tions can now order their gro­ceries and have them carried out to their car, all with the send of a text message.

“Text 20,” a curbside pick up service, allows cus­tomers to text their grocery list of 20 gro­ceries or less to (517) 234‑2020. Within 30 minutes, the gro­ceries are brought to their car for a $4.95 fee. Payable with credit or debit card, this service is available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Sat­urday.

According to Market House owner Brett Boyd, this project has been in the works for a little under a year, but has only been up and running for about six months.

Boyd said he under­stands shoppers some­times do not have time to run around the grocery store.

“Some­times you just run out of time to get stuff for dinner or to just get gro­ceries,” he said.

According to Boyd, his initial efforts have gone well.

“We knew it was going to require time for people to get used to it, but it has been gaining in pop­u­larity and it has been great for business,” he said.

Market House employee Laura Wilson agreed.

“The business helps a lot of people, espe­cially if they have dis­abil­ities,” Wilson said. “It really helps them to not have to leave their car.”

Market House is the only grocery store in Hillsdale that offers such a service.

Walmart in Jonesville allows cus­tomers to order items online and pick them up in the store.

A few Kroger loca­tions, including the Kroger on W. Argyle Street in Jackson, offer a “Click list pick up” where cus­tomers can shop and pay for their gro­ceries online and have them brought out to their car upon arrival at the store location.

Several Meijer loca­tions are beginning to implement a curbside pick up program, and have inten­tions to bring it to all loca­tions, but as of now that does not include the nearest Meijer loca­tions in Cold­water and Jackson.

Boyd and the entire Market House team hope the cus­tomers take advantage of this won­derful oppor­tunity as they set the path for a new way to grocery shop in Hillsdale.

“Cus­tomers are very happy, and they love the con­ve­nience,” Boyd said.