The Mossey Library recently added two new fea­tures to its online resources for stu­dents. The website now offers Ambrose, an online video widget, and Yewno Dis­cover, an inno­v­ative research site.

Ambrose brings more Shake­speare and his­torical movies to the library’s growing col­lection of films. IndieFlix, Film­Struck, and Films on Demand, all movie resources the library sub­scribes to, are also available for stu­dents and pro­fessors to access foreign films and other movies for free.

“Streaming is the way things are going,” Public Service Librarian Brenna Wade said. “Some TV shows are not coming out on Blu-ray format. There are certain shows that we would like to have but we can’t because their only options are through streaming.”

This means streaming service’s films, such as Netflix exclu­sives, cannot be legally acquired by libraries yet. Nev­er­theless, Ambrose expands the selection of edu­ca­tional resources for stu­dents to use.

Yewno Dis­cover is a research tool that shows con­nec­tions between con­cepts by dis­playing a map of the topics to users. It helps stu­dents find other topics they may want to con­sider in their research.

“If you have the key­words, it’s easier to find the key­words that you need and find more related sub­jects, as opposed to just finding the one that matches your original keyword,” senior Therese Burgess, a library student worker, said.

For example, searching Mark Twain and clicking on the Tom Sawyer dot will gen­erate a map of all the topics related to these two names. Stu­dents can then see the rela­tion­ships between these con­cepts and also select useful articles that appear on the left of the screen.

“It is a huge dif­ference from all the typical search envi­ron­ments we see now,” Michael Keller, Vice Provost of the Aca­demic Council at Stanford Uni­versity Libraries said in a quote on the company’s website. “I believe that the Yewno tech­nology will enhance research in ways we can only begin to imagine.”

Now Hillsdale stu­dents have access to the same quality of research ser­vices as other top schools.

“They’re still working on it, changing it, revising it, but I do think it’s the search of the future,” Wade said.

Yewno was created in 2014 but not adopted by the college until last semester. It’s offi­cially rolling out this semester because issues with remote users have been resolved. Stu­dents can now use it any­where outside the library as well.

Wade said it’s best if stu­dents come and learn from the librarians how to use Yewno in person. There will be a sign up on Hand­shake for stu­dents to schedule time with research assis­tants to help them with the new tools. The librarians are also available to help stu­dents locate mate­rials for research projects and papers.

“We’re good at finding things,” Wade said.