Last semester, the ODK lead­ership circle hosted a speech and round table dis­cussion for student leaders with Nebraska Gov­ernor Steve Ricketts. Char­lotte McFaddin | Courtesy

Campus lead­ership comes in many styles and emerges across many areas of campus, and Hillsdale’s Rho Beta chapter of the Omicron Delta Kappa National Lead­ership Hon­orary Society is seeking leaders in the class of 2019 for mem­bership in next year’s lead­ership circle.

Each year, the ten student members of Hillsdale’s ODK chapter select ten rising seniors to con­tinue lead­ership work. Current juniors in good aca­demic standing who intend to graduate with the class of 2019 are encouraged to apply for next year’s lead­ership circle, senior Allison Deckert, ODK sec­retary, said. Appli­ca­tions are due Feb. 28.

“Anyone who has been involved in student lead­ership on campus — whether that’s in ath­letics, greek life, dorm life, vol­un­teerism, any of the student pub­li­ca­tions — if you’ve been part of an orga­ni­zation that’s active on campus and you’ve been part of making that succeed, you’re eli­gible to apply,” Deckert said.

The ten members of the lead­ership circle, five men and five women, are chosen from all areas of campus to help promote student lead­ership and improve the rela­tionship between the college and the sur­rounding com­munity, Deckert said. This year’s ODK members helped organize a lun­cheon and round­table dis­cussion with Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts on campus.

This spring, the lead­ership circle plans to hold a prac­tical lead­ership seminar, senior Jonathan Anderson said.

“Rather than focusing on lead­ership theory, it’s really going to be about what we call prac­tical lead­ership: how to effec­tively run a meeting, how to set forward guide­lines or bylaws effi­ciently, how to conduct an orga­ni­zation to accom­plish its vision and goals,” Anderson said.

Later in the semester, ODK members will organize a book drive for Hillsdale High School’s English department, Deckert said. The lead­ership hon­orary will also co-sponsor a lun­cheon on edu­cation with the career ser­vices office.

The pre­vious years’ ODK members secured a $500 grant from the national ODK orga­ni­zation on behalf of A Few Good Men, according to senior Char­lotte McFaddin, ODK trea­surer.

The members also choose to rec­ognize other student leaders on campus through the Leader of the Month award.

“It’s fun to look around campus and see the dif­ferent types of student lead­ership on campus and what student lead­ership can look like,” Deckert said.

Senior Maria Theisen, an ODK member, said she almost didn’t apply to join the hon­orary, but ulti­mately found the time com­mitment to be man­ageable and enriching.

“Getting a group of people rec­og­nized for their lead­ership together in the same room is really cool,” Theisen said. “I think it’s been espe­cially great because we don’t really overlap a lot; I’d never really worked with some of the people on the circle because we all lead dif­ferent things. Brain­storming ideas together with other leaders, who have the same mindset as you in terms of improving campus, is really cool.”