Dan Lip­inski, D‑Illinois (photo: Wiki­media Commons)

Arthur Jones, an Illinois Repub­lican, has tried to get his name on the ballot for the state’s 3rd Con­gres­sional Dis­trict seat eight times. The man has unsuc­cess­fully run for public office in the Chicago and Mil­waukee areas since the 1970’s. But the eighth time might just be the charm for Jones since he’s running unop­posed in the GOP primary on March 20.

There’s a temp­tation to feel pleased for Jones, in a you-finally-did-it, per­se­verance-is-key, kind of way. Except, Jones is a blatant racist and anti-semite who denies his­torical real­ities, like the Holo­caust.

On his cam­paign website, called “Art Jones for Con­gressman,” there’s a tab titled “Holo­caust?” in which he describes the “idea that six million jews were killed by the national socialist gov­ernment of Germany” as the “biggest, blackest lie in history.”

Jones has taken denial to another level, stuffing his head so far in the sand that it’s prac­ti­cally an art form.

“Well first of all, I’m running for Con­gress, not the chan­cellor of Germany, alright?” Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times. “To me, the Holo­caust is what I said it is: It’s an inter­na­tional extortion racket.”

Luckily, Jones has a one in whatever-our-national-debt-is chance of winning the con­gres­sional seat. Illinois’s 3rd con­gres­sional dis­trict is “safely Demo­c­ratic,” according to Bal­lot­pedia, meaning that thanks to ger­ry­man­dering, the dis­trict has always voted blue.  Dan Lip­inski, the Demo­c­ratic incumbent who is known for his pro-life, mod­erate views, has held the seat since 2005 and won’t be giving it up to a former leader of the American Nazi Party, a position Jones bragged about to the Sun-Times. He was right to pat himself on the back: Besides being an unre­pentant bigot for the last 50 years, that might just be his greatest accom­plishment.

But Jones is not alone. Renowned his­to­rians, artists, and leaders across the globe partake in the ludi­crousy that is Holo­caust denial and have done so since the day Germany sur­ren­dered. And although many are not as radical as Jones, who believes the Jews — “blood­thirsty, criminal vam­pires” — have conned the world with their “tall tale of woe and mis­fortune,” there are many who believe the facts of the Holo­caust have been dis­torted.

A 2014 study by the Anti-Defamation League showed that 22 percent of Chris­tians, 48 percent of Hindus, 28 percent of Bud­dhists, and 51 percent of Muslims around the world, all under the age of 65, believe the number of Jews killed in the Holo­caust has been exag­gerated. That same report pro­vided an even more shocking sta­tistic: 54 percent of the world knows about the Holo­caust, and the majority of those who do learned about it from tele­vision.

Jones must have been thrilled when this study was released: “This non­sense is part of a mandatory course on the Holo­caust required of every single high school in the state of Illinois! What a waste of tax­payers money!”

But what do Jones & Co. gain from Holo­caust denial? In the Middle East, leaders of Muslim coun­tries inten­tionally keep their people in the dark so they can con­tinue to wage war on the state of Israel, jus­ti­fying the con­tinuous con­flict they instigate by spoon feeding their people pro­pa­ganda that claims Jews are vermin and Israel has no right to exist — just like the Nazis did to the German people in World War II.

And in Poland, the Par­liament passed a bill last week that imposes prison sen­tences of up to three years for men­tioning the term “Polish death camps” or for sug­gesting “pub­licly and against the facts” that Poland was involved in Nazi Germany’s war crimes. The bill is absurd, but could it also reflect a deep fear within Polish offi­cials of being his­tor­i­cally com­pa­rable to Nazi leaders, of being marked with such a per­manent stain? Perhaps.

But what about a man like Jones? His website says gov­ern­ments that support edu­cation about the Holo­caust — “pure Kosher bologna” — do so for one reason: “It’s good business for the Jews and their beloved bandit state of Israel.”

Hatred of Israel and its alliance with the U.S. is becoming all too common — espe­cially on America’s college cam­puses — and it cer­tainly plays a role in Jones’s deluded thinking. But that doesn’t cut it. So, why does Jones deny the Holo­caust? The answer is simple: Because he is a spiteful, hate-filled, pathetic loser who hates the Jews purely for the sake of hating the Jews. Just like Hitler and the countless other anti-semites before and after the Holo­caust, Jones jus­tifies his anti-semitism with made-up excuses to conceal the fact that he would despise the Jewish race without ever having a reason to do so.

And this is the man who could rep­resent the GOP during Illinois’s midterm election. For­tu­nately, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the Illinois Repub­lican Party have con­demned Jones’s cam­paign. Tim Schneider, chairman of the Illinois GOP, said Jones has no real con­nection to the party: “The Illinois Repub­lican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones,” Schneider said in a statement. “We strongly oppose his racist views and his can­didacy for any public office, including the 3rd Con­gres­sional Dis­trict.”

But unless the GOP steps up and throws its weight behind a write-in cam­paign to ensure Jones’s eighth attempt fails once again, the letter “R” will sit beside his name on the ballot come November. A Repub­lican myself, this might just be the first time I am thankful for a “safely Demo­c­ratic” dis­trict.

Kaylee McGhee is a junior studying pol­itics.