The Grove City College Touring Choir, under the direction of Pro­fessor of Music, Dr. Katherine Mueller, is a select group of forty-four singers. They will come to sing at College Baptist soon. Courtesy.


Grove City College Touring Choir will stop at College Baptist in Hillsdale for a free per­for­mance at 7 p.m. Feb. 27. The choir will travel across the country, across genres, and across cen­turies as part of their annual spring break tour, per­forming pieces as diverse as Palestrina, a Brahms requiem, and Moses Hogan.

“We span all of choir history,” Grove City College senior and choir member Rachel Kurak said, with selec­tions mostly in Latin and English, including adap­ta­tions of classic hymns like “Praise to the Lord the Almighty” and “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

Hillsdale assistant pro­fessor of music Derek Stauff, an alumnus of Grove City College and the choir, was instru­mental in coor­di­nating the visit, which is a small-town stop on their trip to and from Chicago.

“They gen­erally head to a par­ticular city every spring for their tour, go to a par­ticular region of the country,” Stauff said. “It turned out they were looking for northern Indiana or southern Michigan on their way to Chicago and I said sure.”

Stauff then began calling up local churches to find housing for all 45 stu­dents.

“A lot of the host churches on the tour will be churches of choir members cause that’s an easy con­nection and they’re family already,” Stauff said. “Others will be like us here — alumni con­nec­tions and people that are friends of the college.”

The choir per­forms at a dif­ferent church almost every night of the week-and-a-half-long tour, Kurak said.

“It’s a lot of fun, and it’s also really cool to get to stay with host homes,” Kurak said. “It really shows Christian hos­pi­tality. These com­plete strangers opening up their homes and we get fed really well usually on tour.”

According to Stauff, the concert is a win-win sit­u­ation for all who enjoy the Grove City choir’s music.

“They come and do the concert for us, we provide them with a meal and housing for the night, take in a couple stu­dents per family, and then they’re on their way next morning to their next concert,” Stauff said.