The City of Hillsdale has pur­chased a new fire truck.
City of Hillsdale Courtesy Facebook


Hillsdale Fire Chief Scott Hephner announced at a Feb. 5 City Council meeting that the city’s fire department has placed a security deposit for a new ladder truck.

The new truck will replace the city’s current 1983 Pierce LTI ladder truck, which cannot safely operate its ladder. Because of struc­tural cor­rosion, the current truck’s platform cannot support the weight of fire­fighters while the ladder is raised.

Hephner said the new truck meets his cri­teria. Although not entirely new, it has a 100-foot ladder (as opposed to the current truck’s 85-foot ladder) and its lack of a platform will make it easier to operate with the city’s recently-down­sized fire department.

“With fewer people, we can still do what people wouldn’t think we could handle with a truck like this,” he said.

According to the pur­chase agreement the fire department signed, Hillsdale will not be able to access the truck until it has com­pleted its service in Houston in March. The truck will then be sent to a broker firm, which will examine and inspect it before it can be com­mis­sioned for Hillsdale.

Addi­tionally, the problem of trans­portation still remains an issue. On the one hand, the city could drive the truck up to Hillsdale, which could prove costly and dan­gerous if the truck were to break down or get a flat tire. On the other hand, the city could ships the truck up to Hillsdale on a flat-bed truck, which would also prove costly.

Speaking at the same meeting, Mayor Adam Stockford reaf­firmed his support for public safety depart­ments.

“This council is dead serious about finding sus­tainable support for public safety,” he said. “But we need to look at all the options.”