An interior view of the plans for Christ Chapel. Sheila Butler | Courtesy

With the con­struction costs of the $28.6 million Christ Chapel now com­pletely covered, Hillsdale College is one step closer to the building’s com­pletion in May 2019.

Con­struction for both Christ Chapel and the new dorm on Union Street next to Benzing Res­i­dence is on schedule, according to Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Rich Péwé.

The north wall of the chapel is the next area of focus for Weigand Con­struction in the building’s con­struction. It is also pouring con­crete for the bal­conies this week.

“Pretty soon, they’ll close up the building,” Péwé said.

Although its con­struction costs are covered, the school is still working to raise money for the chapel endowment fund and other fea­tures it hopes to include in the building.

The unnamed dor­mitory finally got walls and a roof over winter break, after con­struction began on it in August. The crew fin­ished the roof just after Christmas in below freezing tem­per­a­tures.

“It seems like they’re really coming along with it,” said senior Macy Mount, Benzing head res­ident assistant. “At the beginning of the year, it was just a hole in the ground.”

For now, the dorm is still unnamed.

“Over-time pro­posals  may be sent to friends who have expressed an interest in sup­porting student housing or this par­ticular project,” Péwé said. “The college would name it once a sig­nif­icant lead gift was made.”

For now, the dorm is being financed with a loan from the college’s endowment. According to Péwé, the college will pay it back over time with interest.

The school still plans to add a café in the dorm.

“It’s got to at least break even,” Pewe said. “I’d love for it to happen, but you have to see if stu­dents will come.”

Péwé added that the dorm, which will house 56 beds, will be ready for student use at the beginning of next school year.

Ren­o­va­tions to Gal­loway Res­i­dence are also scheduled to begin at the end of the semester. The school plans to bring the interior up to the same standard as a new dorm. The ren­o­va­tions will cost $4 million, which is coming from the school’s surplus.

The school is also planning to expand Phillips Audi­torium as a part of its second phase ren­o­vation of the Searle Center. The project is esti­mated to cost $5.6 million.

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