College Repub­licans to ask for $3,000 for upcoming trip to CPAC. | Pexels

The College Repub­licans plan to ask for $3,000 to fund their CPAC trip at tonight’s Student Fed­er­ation meeting. The amount is the lowest they’ve ever requested in the last years, according to the College Repub­licans.

“It’s taken us a long time to get here,” senior and Pres­ident of Hillsdale College’s College Repub­licans Ross Hatley said.

CPAC, in total, is a $16,000 trip to run, and $3,000 is the exact amount of we need in order for it to work,” Acting Pres­ident of College Repub­licans Rachel Umaña said. “We simply don’t have the funds for the bus as it stands. We will have the funds once we get all the money from the incentive pro­grams that we are involved in, but that money will not come in time. Therefore, we need the Fed to help us get to that final stretch.”

The student ticket price offered by the chapter is $180, plus tax. The main cost of the trip comes from ticket, hotel, and bus fares. While most of the money has been covered by chapter fundraising, the $3,000 the chapter is requesting from student fed will cover the remaining cost of the bus.

The Hillsdale County Repub­licans also donated $1,000 to the chapter.

“As we do every year, we aim to never take money from student fed,” Hatley said. “It’s a funding source of last resort.”

Speakers at this year’s CPAC include Ajit Pai, Ben Shapiro, Dana Loesch, and Deneen Borelli.

“You get to see the biggest names in con­ser­v­ative pol­itics and get to be an active par­tic­ipant in the con­ser­v­ative movement, which is exciting,” Umaña said.

Hillsdale’s chapter is running the cheapest trip to CPAC in the state, according to Hatley.

“We started planning in May,” he said. “Through the years, we’ve just gotten better at running this trip.”

The chapter is taking 60 stu­dents to CPAC this year and already has a growing waiting list.

“Nothing is locked in and we’re still in dis­cussion with the finances com­mittee,” Hatley said.


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