Catholic Society Hosts Women Lenten Retreat. Regan Meyer | Courtesy

For Chris­tians, the Lenten season is meant to be one of prayer and con­tem­plation. Finding time for those activ­ities, however, can be dif­ficult.

The Hillsdale College Catholic Society has found a way to aid stu­dents in their endeavor to make the most of their Lenten sac­ri­fices. The Women’s Lenten Retreat will be held in the Mauck Solarium on the morning of Sat­urday, Feb­ruary 24th.  Freshman Michaela Peine and sophomore Sarah Becker have designed it to be a short but mean­ingful time.

“It’s pretty short,” Peine said. “We wanted to keep it really doable. It’s really casual. Our idea with the retreat is to create an event where people could just come and prepare for lent.”

Becker, who is on the Catholic Society Women’s Out­reach Board, says the retreat is designed to be a wel­coming atmos­phere for the Christian women of campus.

“We’ve been trying to build women’s com­munity on campus espe­cially among Catholic women,” Becker said. “But I think even more broadly than that Christian women. We’re opening it up to Catholic and non-Catholic women. We just want it to be an oppor­tunity for people to have an envi­ronment where they can encounter the Lord and not feel a lot of strict require­ments to be there, where they can just come and have a lot of time to just pray indi­vid­ually with the Lord.”

Peine is working to get a large amount of women from a variety of dif­ferent back­grounds.

“We’re trying to invite a huge degree of girls, girls from every class, from soror­ities, from inde­pendent groups, from ath­letic groups,” Peine said. “So for it’s been really suc­cessful. We’ve had a ton of girls RSVP from all over the place. The first part of the retreat, we’re just gonna have a little bit of min­gling so people can get to know each other.”

The retreatants will be praying together, attending brunch up the hill, and par­tic­i­pating in some praise and worship.

“Eliz­abeth Luea is coming in to lead worship and give a short talk in the morning,” Becker said. “There will be brunch together and then in the afternoon Father Dave will be here for con­fes­sions. There will also be time for per­sonal prayer and then at the end we’re hoping to wrap up and just have people share some­thing they took away from the retreat or some­thing they want to work on just to build that com­munity.”

Junior Rosemary Pynes says she looks forward to a peaceful and fruitful morning during the retreat.

“I was attracted to how it is chill and laid back but also a space where I can reflect on my faith.” Pynes said. “I like retreats but some­times so many talks and things like that can be over­whelming. It’s more like a chill retreat with time to reflect and pray, so I’m excited for that.”

For those unsure, Peine wants them to know that the retreat is low-key and low intim­i­dation.

“Bring a friend and just come,” Peine said. “If you feel like you don’t know anyone, bring a friend and just come. We’re hoping that it will be very low on intim­i­dation. And also, I would really encourage people to just take a break in the midst of their really busy lives and just give this time over to God so that their Lent can be really inten­tional.”

The Women’s Lenten Retreat will be held on Feb­ruary 24th from 9:45am to 2pm. RSVP to Michaela Peine at