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In 2011, NFL Films made a doc­u­mentary about the six quar­ter­backs drafted before the New England Patriots selected Tom Brady in the 2000 draft. Despite being picked late in the draft, Brady has defied the odds and is headed towards his sixth Super Bowl win.

Brady has looked as good as ever in his 40-year-old season. In com­parison, Philadelphia Eagles quar­terback Nick Foles won’t be able to hold up under 4th quarter Super Bowl pressure. While Brady will be playing in his eighth Super Bowl, Foles is playing in his first. If the Patriots can come back from a 28 – 3 deficit in last year’s Super Bowl against a team with the best offense in the league, the Atlanta Falcons, and an MVP quar­terback in Matt Ryan, they can cer­tainly beat an Eagles team led by a backup quar­terback.

Two weeks ago, Brady was able to come back from being down 10 points in the 4th quarter of the AFC Cham­pi­onship against the best pass defense in the league this year. Brady and the Patriots were able to do this without the hulking tight end Rob Gronkowski. If the Patriots’ offense is fully healthy, they will shred the Eagles’ sec­ondary. Slot receiver Danny Amendola is coming off arguably the best game of his career and shows no signs of slowing down. Other NFL teams fold when faced with the Patriots’ well-con­di­tioned team in the 4th quarter.

The Eagles are a pas­sionate team, but the Patriots are dis­ci­plined, and dis­ci­pline matters far more on the biggest stage in pro­fes­sional football. Bill Belichick, the most cal­cu­lated mind in NFL coaching, will make the biggest dif­ference in this game. In numerous doc­u­men­taries on the Patriots, one can see Belichick’s metic­ulous planning before a game, accounting for every sce­nario. Addi­tionally, the Patriots offense is called by the bril­liant mind of Josh McDaniels, whos success will likely gain him a head coaching job after this season.

The Patriots’ defense struggled at the beginning of the year but has now become a dom­inant force, espe­cially with the addition of former Pitts­burgh Steeler James Har­rison. Defensive end Trey Flowers has looked elite so far in the post­season, bringing pressure off the edge. The Patriots’ defense is also led by the tac­tical mind of Matt Patricia, who will most likely be the head coach for the Detroit Lions next year. The Patriots have one of the best red zone defenses in the NFL. This will lead to the Eagles set­tling for field goals when they need touch­downs to beat a team like the Patriots.

Sunday night, Tom Brady will hoist his 6th Lom­bardi Trophy after leading the New England Patriots to their second Super Bowl in a row.

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    Used to care about the NFL, don’t anymore. The lost me with the kneeling protests and their record of thugness. I’ll be watching the Pup­pyBowl, not a bunch of overpaid nitwits throwing a ball around.