Com­puter mouse (photo: Wiki­media Commons)

Hillsdale College’s greatest resource is its pro­fessors. Experts in their field, our teachers on campus have a wealth of knowledge for curious scholars to tap into.

But Hillsdale pro­fessors are often more than lec­turers. They are mentors and coun­selors to many of their stu­dents, from philo­sophical dis­cus­sions to life advice.

Office hours are the prime time to speak with pro­fessors, from asking about the next paper to clar­i­fying a topic from class to talking about future careers and jobs.

Unfor­tu­nately, only stu­dents enrolled in a professor’s class typ­i­cally know when those are. Although some pro­fessors post their schedule outside their doors, many times it is a guess and check process to meet with a teacher.

Since the provost’s office requests pro­fessors submit their class schedules and office hours each semester, the college should post them where stu­dents can access it such as on the myHillsdale portal or on Black­board. It would promote better com­mu­ni­cation between pro­fessors and stu­dents, without bogging down email accounts with requests of when office hours are.

A master list would be a con­ve­nient way to find the infor­mation for those with a Hillsdale account. It would avoid stu­dents running up and down Delp Hall to check schedules outside pro­fessors’ doors and be helpful to the stu­dents who lose their syllabi.

Office hours for some pro­fessors are often fairly quiet, espe­cially outside of essay season. Having con­ve­nient access to their avail­abil­ities may encourage more student-pro­fessor rela­tion­ships, as well.

Many pro­fessors are in their offices for longer than posted hours, but a guar­antee that they will be on campus is ben­e­ficial for busy stu­dents sched­uling their weeks and for those who live off campus.

Stu­dents should reap the ben­efits of being at Hillsdale while they can. That means building rela­tion­ships with their pro­fessors. Making access to office hours easier would strengthen Hillsdale’s com­munity.