Volume One book­store on N. Broad Street Scott McClallen | Col­legian



Volume One book­store will reopen May 4, new store owner Cedric Brown said.

Brown said his family in December decided to replace the floor, build a stage arena, and repaint the interior the shop reopens as a coffee shop and per­for­mance venue.

Brown said the building will reopen once again as a book­store and a concert venue for vis­iting artists. Two floors of the 12-room second floor will be used for storage for their online book inventory. Brown said the upstairs had four office spaces and a con­ference room in which they plan to to teach classes.

Brown said that in three years he hopes to host events every weekend, such as local bands, game nights and and some employees to help run the shop. He said he even wants to sell spe­cialty items from around town.

“But for now, we are just making this place look pre­sentable,” Brown said.

Brown said it took 12 of his friends to move just the books on their first floor room to reach the floor — boxes of books ranging from dia­betes to U.S. pres­i­dents towered near 10-feet ceiling.

Brown said his grand­father, Richard Wunsch, started Volume One so long ago that he said he can’t remember the exact year. Wunsch ran the building for­merly known as “The Annex”, as a book­store upstairs and per­for­mance venue down­stairs, but decided to close and reor­ganize the business.

Brown said Wunsch bought books from Ann Arbor, Lansing, and that he would travel around and buy from anyone who would sell.

Wunsch built many of the tow­ering floor to ceiling book­shelves, near 10 feet high, and also taught employees to build in order to make more space.

Brown said the shop plans to rent the upstairs room as an apartment.

Brown gave another reason to visit when they open: their res­ident black cat, Ms. Kitty.

Brown said the coolest things he found while cleaning was a  book col­lection of “news­papers from the year 1945, which was the end of World War II, from a news­paper company in Kansas City,” he said.” I also recently found the front page of a paper of Nov. 12, 2001.”

He said his family is excited for the bookstore’s future.

“When we sell some books, will rent at least one apartment, depending  on zoning laws,” Brown said.

“We are still in progress, want to open on May 4th,” Brown said.