Ray Briner. City of Hillsdale | Courtesy


When Ray Briner spends time with his 7-year-old daughter, he puts aside all phone calls or work related duties.

He said he is seeking to create a healthy envi­ronment in Hillsdale for his daughter to grow up in, just as he did.

This past November, Ray Briner was elected to his first public office as a rep­re­sen­tative of Hillsdale’s Ward 4 on the city council. He now holds the seat of law­makers under whom he grew up.

Born and raised in the Hillsdale area, Briner attended North Adams-Jerome High School. Con­tinuing his edu­cation, he attended the Inter­na­tional Business College in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. He then returned to Hillsdale, where he con­tinued to establish both his family and career.

Briner was hired at the Hillsdale County National Bank where he built his career and now holds the title of senior credit analyst where he spe­cializes in com­mercial loans.

He claims that his role of serving the people of Hillsdale through banking has allowed him to be involved in the com­munity and this exposure was part of his inspi­ration to run for office.

“I feel that Hillsdale has given me so much,” Briner said. “This is my way to give back and say thank you for all they have done for me.”

According to Briner, bal­ancing a life of work, public service, and family hasn’t been too dif­ficult. He said he is moti­vated by the fact that he wants Hillsdale to be a place where she too can find a good job, be around family and one day be able to raise one of her own.

Briner said he has been attending city council meetings con­sis­tently for the past year, and since the election the meetings have gone much longer than before.

“I love it, I wouldn’t change a thing about it, it’s good we are getting more opinions and more people involved in city pol­itics,” he said.

“Ray has a genuine love for this city and its res­i­dents. He has energy and ambition and he’s showing he’s ready to step up and be leader,” Mayor Adam Stockford said.

Briner has already expressed concern over a major issue for the people of Hillsdale, namely, the roads.

“A lot of people speak about the roads, for far too long we’ve allowed them to get so bad, and we have no funding to repair them,” he said. “I would like to see the city set aside funding for road repairs so we don’t have to borrow from other places.”

Briner said he is excited for the respon­si­bility the people of Hillsdale have entrusted to him.

“I hope to con­tinue to support Hillsdale and to be a voice for its people,” he said.