Bon Appétit recently added new menu items. | Pexels

Bon Appétit recently added egg-cellent new healthy items to A.J. Café’s menu, in addition to making ren­o­va­tions to Jitters.

Mul­tiple changes were made over Christmas break, including the replacement of the old dish machine with a new one and a new A.J.’s menu. This menu has new items tai­lored toward veg­e­tarian and vegan stu­dents. As a part of Bon Appétit’s com­mitment to healthy eating and serving all dif­ferent types of diets, the new menu has a variety of new foods.

“We wanted to provide veggie options for people,” Persson said. “This change will allow people who want to eat more plant-based foods to be able to do so.”

According to Persson, many stu­dents don’t go to breakfast in the dining hall or in A.J.’s. For this reason, A.J.’s has decided to add all-day breakfast menu items, such as but­termilk pan­cakes, egg white flo­rentine on a croissant, and a el corcel breakfast burrito.

“People have been freaking out about having pan­cakes at any time,” Bon Appétit Mar­keting Manager William Persson said.

Two popular sand­wiches fea­tured during fall 2014, Bon Appétit’s first year, are the ham and cheese sandwich and the chipotle chicken sandwich. One new sandwich addition is the Big Dipper, a mar­i­nated por­to­bello burger on naan bread with a hummus spread.

“It is a lot more gourmet than any­thing we’ve offered before,” said freshman and AJs employee Anna Katherine Daley.

Bon Appétit also made changes to their sides in A.J.’s, intro­ducing house made chips and salsa. It also plans to make sweet potato fries everyday.

“It’s so cool that A.J.’s is being adven­turous in what they’re serving,” junior Josephine Von Dohlen said. “They’re letting stu­dents think outside the box in regards to food. Espe­cially being in the middle of Michigan, some­times food options can seem very bland and scarce, but their new menu is really exciting.”

The menu changes have been made par­tially due to new labeling reg­u­lation. The gov­ernment requires the calorie count to be put for all food that is con­sis­tently available. The calorie count is now pro­vided for every item on the new menu board in A.J.’s and Jitters.

Other physical changes were made to Jitters including replacing the wall­paper with light cream and coffee color paint. The goal, according to Persson, was to move away from the stagnant feel and aim for a more wel­coming and modern feel while still keeping some tra­di­tional touches. There are no menu changes to Jitters as of now, but Persson said there may be more grab-n-go items in the future.

Persson expects those with veg­e­tarian and vegan diets to enjoy the new items, espe­cially since there has been backlash for not pro­viding enough options in the past.

Bon Appétit also gained a new dish machine over Christmas break.

“The former machine broke down peri­od­i­cally and main­te­nance con­stantly had to fix it,” Persson said. We had to use plastic dishware which isn’t what we want…we really try to reduce landfill usage.”

According to Perrson, Switching to this new machine is a way to increase effi­ciency and pre­vents resorting to use plastic. Hillsdale College offered to buy the new machine, dis­playing their ded­i­cation to the service being run well.

“I’m excited to see the feedback from stu­dents,” Persson said. “I’m sure that we will end up seeing increased foot traffic in A.J.’s to try out the new menu.”