Hillsdale students at the ‘March for Life’ last weekend in Washington, D.C. Josephine von Dohlen | Collegian


The Student Federation approved the allocation of $4,000 to the Students for Life club, passed a variety of amendments, cleaned up its club list, and swore in new Student Federation President junior Natalie Meckel on Nov. 30.

The Students for Life club travels each year to the March For Life in Washington, D.C. This year, the club asked for $4,000 to cover the cost of the bus trip, an increase from the previous year.

The federation approved the request and gave full funding.

Students for Life President junior Kathleen Russo expressed her appreciation and described the great favor the federation did for the students.

“We don’t want to have to ask students to pay a large amount, because it is a service trip,” Russo said. “They’re going to serve their country by advocating for public policy that does good for human rights and such. To be able to keep the costs at such a modest amount is incredible for the cause and for students, and it’s something we want to be able to do for them.”

On Monday, the federation held a fundraiser with the proceeds from specialty drinks and hot chocolate at A.J.’s Cafe. The federation donated half of the proceeds to Domestic Harmony, a domestic violence shelter in Hillsdale,and the other half to the family of junior Julia Bosco, whose brother lost his sight in a shooting accident.

“I think these are two great causes as one benefits the Hillsdale community and the other recognizes our service to the student body,” Student Fed Vice President senior Maria Theisen said.  

The federation also swore in junior Natalie Meckel as next semester’s federation president and freshman Brett Anger as the new Sigma Chi representative.

Meckel said she is ready to take the helm as the group’s leader but is thankful for the work that the federation has done this semester. She said she’d like the federation to become more professional.

“I know Andres Torres, a junior, did a fantastic job improving the campus image of Student Federation introducing more formal business procedures, professional behavior in our meetings, upping the dress code, things like that,” Meckel said. “I’m excited to keep promoting that.”