Pan­cakes. Pexels | Courtesy

To help stu­dents get through finals week, Bon Appétit Man­agement Co. is pro­viding an extra late evening meal on Tuesday.

The “Moon­light Breakfast” will take place from 8 ‑10 p.m. in the cafe­teria and will not require meal swipes. It will have the usual breakfast items, including pan­cakes, sausage, eggs, and coffee. Dinner that evening will close at 7 p.m.

Bon Appétit has never opened the cafe­teria for an extra meal on finals week before, although Saga Inc. did before Bon Appétit came to campus.

“It was popular then. People I talked to gave pos­itive reviews, and they’re excited for it,” Bon Appétit’s Mar­keting Manager William Persson said.

A lot of college cam­puses have this sort of event during the last week of classes or during finals week, according to Persson.

“It’s just a little special treat to you guys because we know you’re up late studying or running out of charger change,” Persson said.