Hillsdale College Choir per­forms a Christmas concert Dec. 9. James Holleman | Courtesy

The voices of 150 of the college’s finest vocalists will fill the sanc­tuary of College Baptist Church at 3 p.m. on Sat­urday, Dec. 9, as they ser­enade the audience with songs of the season.

Director of Orchestras and Choirs James Holleman will conduct the Hillsdale College Choir and Chamber Choir as they sing a com­bi­nation of sacred and secular Christmas music, with a few non-sea­sonal pieces that fit styl­is­ti­cally. 

“The bulk of what we do is accapella, and we have created a tra­dition of acapella singing which is really true choral singing,” Holleman said. 

Various stu­dents will have the oppor­tunity to perform a solo within each choral piece. Senior Sarah Schutte will sing the soprano solo in a new arrangement of “Away in a Manger.” 

“It is very exciting to sing on the col­le­giate level, espe­cially with the won­derful reper­toire we perform,” Schutte said. “Pro­fessor Holleman does a fan­tastic job with the singers, and he works hard to make it a pos­itive learning expe­rience for us. He also really helps the com­munity since he works hard to know not just names, but voice types of the indi­vidual singers.”

Eager parents and stu­dents have already reserved all 450 seats for this Sat­urday, but Holleman encourages everyone inter­ested to come, ticket or no ticket, as he and the rest of the music department are working in the spirit of Christmas to accom­modate as many audience members as pos­sible. 

“It is just joyous,” Holleman said. “We are singing music of the season…It is a vocal cel­e­bration of Christmas.”