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Nearly $900 that went missing from a College Republicans lockbox has been returned.

The lockbox used during the College Republicans Panera Bread Fundraiser early last month was inadvertently left unattended overnight in a downstairs cubby in the Grewcock Student Union. The box contained checks, cash, and coins. A member of College Republicans leadership noticed the unattended box the following day and returned it to the Student Activities Office for safekeeping, where it was retrieved by club president Ross Hatley that afternoon. Hatley discovered the money was missing at that time.

Only the paper cash, totaling to $893, was taken.

The College Republicans reported the theft to the Hillsdale City Police as well as campus authorities. But on Saturday night, Nov. 4, the money was returned anonymously to security staff on campus.

This is the first time a major theft like this has taken place on campus, according to Dean of Men Aaron Petersen.

“Though it’s rare, we take things like this very seriously and want to take measure that things like this don’t happen again,” Petersen said.

The College Republicans posted a statement on its Facebook page on Tuesday detailing the theft and reassured members it is updating their fundraiser procedures to prevent another theft from happening.

“Basically there was a miscommunication involved,” said junior Rachel Umaña, Hillsdale College Republicans vice president, who added that the group plans to ensure members remove money from the lockbox daily during fundraisers in the future.

Although police have closed their official investigation, Petersen said the college considers the investigation open internally.

The administration is considering all possibilities. When asked what might happen if the perpetrator were a student, the dean said it could lead to disciplinary consequences.

“It could qualify for disciplinary action including probation or dismissal,” Petersen said, “but all that would depend on the particulars, including the student’s remorse and history.”

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  • AlexanderYpsilantis

    Honor Code violations are always troubling. I hope the perpetrator-if it was as student-considers that matter very carefully and adjusts their behavior accordingly. Returning the money was a good first step, but it’s just a first step.

  • Ellsworth_Toohey

    I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one. 8 years later we still don’t have answers on who murdered the goat.

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      Interesting that that bastion of eastern Liberalism-The Boston Globe-feels compelled to write tongue-in-cheek disparagingly about the Hillsdale Goat, while ignoring the never resolved case of the Boston Strangler. Subjective ethics and baaaa-aaaa-aaaad journalism. We shall press on with vi-guh!

      • Ellsworth_Toohey

        The story was originally in the collegian.