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The Student Federation approved funding for the Actuarial and Film and Production clubs on Nov. 16.

The first proposal came from the Actuarial Club, a pre-professional club for students interested in pursuing a career in the actuarial sciences. Actuarial science utilizes both mathematics and statistics to calculate risk primarily in the insurance and finance industries.

The club asked for $300 to provide pizza, utensils, and drinks for their meetings next semester. The math department had previously funded these expenditures, but the club hopes to use math department funding for the speakers and allocate federation money to food.

The federation approved the full funding unanimously.

“We’re incredibly thankful,” treasurer and sophomore Jarret Ochsendorf said. “This is a good lookout. We hope to start using those math funds to get in some speakers and help get our name out there a little bit.”

The Film and Production Club asked for $540 at the meeting. Since the club lacked basic filming gear, President Kayla Stetzel came to the federation with a list of the essentials that the club needs to succeed.

Stetzel’s request was granted and the federation approved full funding.

“We are very happy to get the full funding,” Stetzel said. “With this gear, we are now an actual club. We’ve been doing things on campus but now with this gear we have stuff to show people. We can actually work with it, we can actually train people. So it’s really exciting.”

The Student Federation announced results from the elections via email to campus on Nov. 16. Junior Natalie Meckel will serve as Student Federation president and junior Kolbe Conger will serve as vice president.