More than 60 people gathered at Johnny T’s Bistro on Tuesday to celebrate the anniversary of acPresident Donald Trump’s victory and learn what they can do to support the president.

President Donald Trump (Photo: Wikimedia)

“The Michigan Trump Republicans primary focus is to keep the Trump voters engaged,” said Matt Maddock, who is running for the Michigan House of Representative next year and identifies as a Trump Republican.

The evening started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a blessing before pizza was served. Members of the local community, Hillsdale College students, and several candidates for various political positions including Republican gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck turned out for the event. Many wore “Make America Great Again” hats and T-shirts.

One student, Avalon McKinney, a sophomore studying religion and Spanish, was the county co-chair for the Michigan Republicans last year. She has worked at rallies and targeted millennial voters around the state.

“This event is a celebration of a victory that was very hard to obtain last year, commending people for their hard work and trying to unify the Republican party under the president,” McKinney said.

Carla and Dustin Adams attended the event to celebrate Trump and meet with those in the community who also support the president.

“We wanted to see all the people in the community that support him and hopefully get some new faces, but we’re trying to drain the swamp,” said Carla Adams.

Dustin Adams said that he likes what Trump has done to reform the courts.

Meshawn Maddock, Maddock’s wife and a Republican national delegate for Trump, talked about the mission for Michigan Trump Republicans, stressing the importance of winning Michigan in 2020 starting with action now.

“Michigan is crucial,” Maddock said. “That’s why we’re here.”

Maddock also stressed the importance of local elections and encouraged everyone to sign up as precinct delegates.

Grant Strobl, the national chairman for Young America’s Foundation and University of Michigan Young Amercans for Freedom president, also gave a speech where he demonstrated the adversities that he’s seen Trump supporters overcome at the University of Michigan: student protests and “stymieing” from college administrators. He said he’s optimistic for the future of free speech on college campuses. He also addressed the Hillsdale students in the room.

“You guys are so fortunate to be at such a bastion of conservatism here,” Strobl said. “But we all have to fight together. We have to encourage any young person you know stand up for what they believe in because if they don’t stand up for what they believe in on their campuses, nobody will.”

The evening ended with a speech by candidate Maddock and Marian Sheridan, where they encouraged people to get involved right now in “the conservative revolution” to restore the government back to the people. They again stressed getting involved in local governments as precinct delegates.

“Trump can’t do everything in Washington, D.C. alone,” said Maddock earlier in the evening. “He needs people in every state to pass the baton to, and that baton is the policy of America first and what he’s campaigned on at the state level.”