Last year’s Alexander Hamilton society foreign policy debate.


This Thursday, two pro­fessors will debate the idea of American inter­ven­tionism in foreign affairs.

The event will be on Thursday night at 5:30, in Lane 124, and is open to both members and  non-members of the Alexander Hamilton Society. Dinner from House of Bar­becue will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hillsdale College Pro­fessor of History Darryl Hart will be facing off with Gerard Alexander, pol­itics pro­fessor from the Uni­versity of Vir­ginia and vis­iting scholar at the American Enter­prise Institute.  

“I look forward to meeting Dr. Alexander,” Hart said. “He and I have emailed a little bit about this, and I’m always inter­ested to hear how the audience, in this case I would assume largely stu­dents, respond to these matters.”

Hart taught the U.S. History of Foreign Policy course in the summer, and has done projects with Foreign Policy Research Institute, a think tank in Philadelphia.

Junior Pearce Pomerleau, pres­ident of the Alexander Hamilton Society Hillsdale chapter, explained that the society is a national orga­ni­zation whose purpose is to educate college stu­dents about issues impacting foreign policy, including in current events.

“For all of [Hillsdale’s] won­derful [foreign policy] cur­riculum, not much of that is focused on what’s going on right now, espe­cially right now, out in the world,” Pomerleau said.

The debate will be struc­tured into two 10-minute opening state­ments from each speaker, two rounds of five-minute rebuttals, with a question and answer segment to follow.

Freshman Callahan Stoub, a club board member, said the society brings life to campus.

“A lot of times when there are speakers, it’s more of a lecture, and people have been sitting in class for four hours that day already,” Stoub said. “But getting the two dif­ferent opinions, and devel­oping an idea, and looking for solu­tions, is what really makes debates exciting.”