Sage green walls, a trickling little water fountain, and a tree on the wall create a soothing atmos­phere in the lobby of The Tree of Life New Earth healing center on West Bacon Street.

The Tree of Life, which opened at the beginning of July, offers a variety of alter­native therapy and healing methods including massage therapy, vibra­tional therapy, aro­matherapy, and Reiki energy. The vibra­tional therapy is the most popular in Hillsdale, and owners Andrew and Bobbi Weaver have many clients.

“We use mostly vibra­tional-based healing methods,” Weaver said. “That would be with the tuning forks, the Tibetan singing bowls, and with other healing methods, like Reiki. Usually that’s just using energy from a person’s body, like with their hands or some­thing.”

Weaver said these methods have ancient roots.

“Many ancient cul­tures have been using tuning forks and the singing Tibetan bowls,” Weaver said.

The goal of these dif­ferent types of therapy is to relax the body, all the way down to the cel­lular level.

“It causes your cells to vibrate at a certain fre­quency and it actually causes your cells to return back to a state that it nor­mally is in, when it’s not under attack by toxins in your body or a physical trauma of some sort,” Andrew Weaver said.

From there, the tuning forks are used on spe­cific areas of the body where a client has pain.

“The tuning forks are actually researched and very well known to be able to reduce inflam­mation, some­times imme­di­ately,” Weaver said.“Some people walk out of our office with no inflam­mation and no pain.”

Bobbi and Andrew Weaver have found vibra­tional therapy helps alle­viate migraines, inflam­mation, arthritis, sci­atica problems, and even sinuses.

“We use tra­di­tional pressure points, acu­pressure, the meridians — we put the forks on certain pressure points and we’ve been able to stop migraines before they even happen,” Andrew said. “We’ve been able to take sinus and certain glands and reduce those down.”

One client, Sarah Clement, has been under­going vibra­tional therapy to clear her sinus pas­sages. Clement said she has struggled with her sinuses for a long time and has tried many dif­ferent doctors and treat­ments for relief.

“I’ve been every­where: to the Cleveland Clinic, I’ve had the cameras up my nose, I’ve done aller­gists, regular doctors,” Clement said.

But after Clement started treat­ments at the New Earth Healing Center, her sinus problems began dis­ap­pearing.

“The first time Bobbi did this, when I sat up you could feel it all drain out,” Clement said.

“And it’s very inter­esting because in spots that are really con­gested and plugged you can’t feel the tuning fork. I mean you can see her wack it and see it vibrate, but you can’t feel it. And then as it loosens up, then you can feel it within your skin and how its trav­elling along your muscles.”

The Weavers have also used vibra­tional therapy to help sports injuries. They said some clients will go directly to the healing center fol­lowing an injury.

“Sports injuries —  injuries where there is a physical injury and it’s swelling up and hurting — we’ve had clients call us and say well can you get me in right now? And they come in and left pain free,” Andrew said.

Before diving into vibra­tional therapy, Andrew Weaver served in the U.S. Navy for 22 years and Bobbi was in school for massage therapy.

“We stumbled across it. We started with Reiki and energy and we went into Shamanism and it’s just been a journey,” Bobbi Weaver said.