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What are your events?

I’m in the mid-dis­tance sprints, so nor­mally I do the 100m, 200m, and the 4x4, and some­times I’ll do a 60m indoor, but pri­marily the 200m and 4x4. I came in to Hillsdale in that group, and I thought about moving into the short sprint’s group, nothing longer than a 200m, but just the 400m suits the way I run a little bit better, and that’s all I did in high school, as well, so it’s just what I have always done.

What tends to go through your head most during a race?

The one thing I love most about track is I think a ton before the race, my mind is racing, I can’t stop thinking, to the point where I can some­times make myself sick because of how nervous I am, but the moment that I’m on the track, and phys­i­cally running, my mind goes blank. I don’t think of any­thing and that’s what I love about it. For the first time I can’t think and just do, and a lot of times that’s when you run your best races.

What is your pre-race routine?

I try to get a lot of sleep and just take good care of my body and nor­mally the night before we do a lot of mobility work and stretching. A lot of it for me is just relaxing I do better when I just haven’t a lot on my plate and not a lot of stress and really just sit and not do any­thing, which is hard, but I think it really helps my mind not race or get over­whelmed.

Is there a spe­cific coach who has influ­enced you the most throughout your running career?

I had a coach in high school, she ran for a Division III school and was an amazing sprinter, so she really got me into track and really saw my potential. Of all the coaches I’ve had, I would def­i­nitely say Coach Towne here at Hillsdale is the best coach I’ve ever had. Espe­cially for me, he knows me more on a per­sonal level, which really helps him to analyze my per­for­mance and also analyze how I am doing in other facets of life. When I really struggled my freshman year with track, he still believed in me and I think to have a coach see your potential and believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself is huge, and I never really had that with other coaches, so I think he has made my track expe­rience so much better.

What is your dream city to live in after grad­u­ation?

Charleston, South Car­olina. I think it would just be relaxing. I need a life that is very relaxing, very calm and peaceful. There’s so much going on at Hillsdale for everyone, so I just have this vision of the beach and a chill life, so that would be the ideal sit­u­ation.

What’s your favorite AJ’s ice cream flavor?

Pep­permint bark, got it last night.

When do you start lis­tening to Christmas music and what is your favorite Christmas song?

Def­i­nitely before Thanks­giving, and Silent Night is always a good one. It’s always so peaceful.

What is your favorite Hillsdale tra­dition?

Gin­ger­bread Wars. It’s always really fun and everyone is super happy.


-Com­piled by Josephine von Dohlen

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