Bon Appétit now dis­plays calorie counts for most of its food choices. Alexis Daniels | Col­legian

Bon Appétit Man­agement Company has added calorie counts to certain foods in the dining hall due to a new Food and Drug Admin­is­tration reg­u­lation and student demand. It plans to proides similar counts to other places on campus such as A.J.’s Café.

“We just want to make that infor­mation available,” General Manager of Bon Appétit David Apthorpe said.

Earlier this year, the FDA moved to require food estab­lish­ments that are part of a large chain, using the same name, and offering similar menu items must dis­close nutri­tional infor­mation for those items by May 7, 2018. Bon Appétit falls under this reg­u­lation.

The guide­lines, Apthorpe said, are “still being hashed out,” such as ques­tions about enforcement and mon­i­toring of this new leg­is­lation. The leg­is­lation requires that any one food served for 60 or more days must have the calorie infor­mation. This would include foods like the salad bar in the dining hall  and A.J.’s bev­erages.

The counts are as accurate as they can be.

“Of course, it’s not all 100 percent accurate,” Apthorpe said, but he assures dieti­tians and sci­en­tists have been working to produce numbers as close as pos­sible to reality for dining hall foods like ham, cheese, and veg­etables, among others.

This addition has also not been just for the reg­u­lation requirement. For the college, this is an oppor­tunity to connect with the stu­dents more about pro­moting good health.

“We saw a need to be more inter­active with our guests, specif­i­cally our student body,” Apthorpe said.

Stu­dents received the new addi­tions pos­i­tively.

“I know a lot of people who do keep up on that stuff, so I think that’s a good thing,” junior Chad Schiller said. “For me, it would be fitness stuff, because dealing with a more regular fitness plan helps to try to balance my calories with my workouts.”

Junior Kathleen Russo appre­ciated the nutri­tional awareness aspect of the counts.

“I think we should always be mindful about what we’re putting in our bodies,” Russo said. “I think it’s all about being a well-rounded and healthy person.”

One of the goals of the calorie counts, Apthorpe said, is to provide an array of options to “have our guests make good choices.”

“I think bal­ancing your choices to provide for a more mod­erate con­sumption would be ideal,” Apthorpe said.