Senior Madeline Greb drew an ink sketch each day in October. Madeline Greb | Courtesy

Senior Madeline Greb has inscribed a fall tradition with her “Inktober” drawings. Inspired by an interdisciplinary creativity seminar and her own desire to explore drawing mediums, Greb outlined a plan to draw every day in October. Creating something everyday seems intimidating, she said, but she started with a month-long goal as an “attainable baby step.” 

Her steps may have felt small, but she harvested larger lessons. 

“Part of what makes it seem intimidating…is an internal expectation that you have to walk away with a masterpiece every day,” she said. “I’ve learned that’s not the case…some days you only have the time and energy for a small, simple doodle. Other days, you’re up for more of a challenge, so you push yourself to try new techniques or improve on a particular aspect of your drawing.”

Greb embraced the challenge with Inktober. Water-based inks and markers are her favorite, because they “afford some malleability even after you put them on the page,” in contrast to graphite or charcoal, which are somewhat fixable. In the end, “What counts is putting your pen on the page.”