Senior Madeline Greb drew an ink sketch each day in October. Madeline Greb | Courtesy

Senior Madeline Greb has inscribed a fall tra­dition with her “Ink­tober” drawings. Inspired by an inter­dis­ci­plinary cre­ativity seminar and her own desire to explore drawing mediums, Greb out­lined a plan to draw every day in October. Cre­ating some­thing everyday seems intim­i­dating, she said, but she started with a month-long goal as an “attainable baby step.” 

Her steps may have felt small, but she har­vested larger lessons. 

“Part of what makes it seem intimidating…is an internal expec­tation that you have to walk away with a mas­ter­piece every day,” she said. “I’ve learned that’s not the case…some days you only have the time and energy for a small, simple doodle. Other days, you’re up for more of a chal­lenge, so you push yourself to try new tech­niques or improve on a par­ticular aspect of your drawing.”

Greb embraced the chal­lenge with Ink­tober. Water-based inks and markers are her favorite, because they “afford some mal­leability even after you put them on the page,” in con­trast to graphite or charcoal, which are somewhat fixable. In the end, “What counts is putting your pen on the page.”