Student Activ­ities Board hosts its annual Color Run | Courtesy

Sat­urday was busy.

The Sigma Alpha Iota women’s music fra­ternity had its fall concert. Mauck and Koon res­i­dences had a joint costume party. Delta Sigma Phi fra­ternity held a Hal­loween party. Olds Residence’s glow party was also on Sat­urday evening. Kappa Kappa Gamma and Chi Omega soror­ities had their date parties that evening. The Suites had scheduled a karaoke night with catering from Saucy Dog’s Bar­beque. Because Kappa had reserved the student activ­ities office’s speakers, the Suites had to abandon the musical portion of its event.

“We’ll be watching the schedule next time,” senior Duncan Voyles, Suites house director, said in an email.

Having a variety of options to enjoy is great, espe­cially for a small school like Hillsdale College. There’s some­thing for everyone.

But having too much on one evening can decrease atten­dance of events, spreading the 1,500 stu­dents on campus thin.

There are a limited number of weekends per semester for all of the parties, music con­certs, theater per­for­mances, and sports events; but clubs, Greek houses, and res­i­dence halls should com­mu­nicate with the student activ­ities office staff to find a good weekend to hold an event, and alert them when they plan on holding an activity.

Student Activ­ities Director Ashlyn Landherr said the office knows about events when stu­dents submit infor­mation to be included in the email newsletter or reserve equipment.

“We’ve looked into cre­ating a cal­endar with all of the student activ­ities on campus,” Landherr said. “That’s a goal.”

To make that goal a reality, stu­dents should help out the office, send its staff an email, and work to make the most of campus events.