Hillsdale College yoga instructor Leah Novak’s Rough Draft yoga classes began Thursday at 7:15 a.m.


This is Novak’s first off-campus class since arriving in Hillsdale during the spring of 2016. She started teaching an evening class at Roche Sports Complex in spring 2016 and for class credits in spring 2017.

“It’s about awakening and preparing yourself for the day and centering yourself so you can be able to go and handle all the other things that come at you throughout the day,” Novak said. “I want people to be able to come, work out the kinks, wake-in, and get some stretching in before they go to work — without it being a really heavy and intense sweat class where they might have to go bathe after.”

The rate is $10 per hour, with a discount of $5 for students.

“We just wanted people to have an option for yoga, which I’m sure exists somewhere in Hillsdale, but I never knew about an accessible yoga studio,” coffeeshop co-owner Haley Talkington said of how morning yoga started at the coffeeshop.

Talkington said Anna Zenz of Root and Stream yoga approached the co-owners of Rough Draft looking to expand her practice and gain experience. Zenz taught Monday and Saturday mornings for 45 minutes, and will continue to teach on Saturdays.

“We wanted someone with a little more experience, someone who’d be able to teach a more advanced class and have that option to for people,” Talkington said.

Currently, Novak teaches two college classes and, at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesdays, one open class at Roche Sports Complex that she said is welcoming to all levels and bodies.

She said if her new Thursday class generates enough interest, she might consider a second class — likely held Monday mornings — at the new coffee shop.

Talkington said Rough Draft is looking into a second instructor from Jackson, Radomi Meyer, who would teach a more advanced class during the week.