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Whether you’ve lived in Hillsdale your entire life or you’ve been attending Hillsdale College for only a few weeks, you’re a townie.

“Townie” has mixed con­no­ta­tions. It is used light­heartedly to describe the heartland tem­perament of many of the res­i­dents, but it’s also used rudely to identify people who aren’t asso­ciated with Hillsdale College.

If you’re a student who uses townie in a derogatory manner, realize that you’re talking about yourself. You’re talking about everyone who has chosen Hillsdale as their home.

Hillsdale’s city and culture enjoys a tight-knit com­munity in which res­i­dents rely on each other.

We lament the destruction of com­munity, social insti­tu­tions, and Western civ­i­lization in our classes, but then deride the one com­munity we should support.

Drawing a line between those affil­iated with the college and those who live in the city unnec­es­sarily divides us. It makes Hillsdale res­i­dents feel like out­siders in the city they love. It makes stu­dents feel unwelcome in the com­munity that has become their tem­porary home.

Hillsdale res­i­dents treat stu­dents with respect. They open up their com­munity to us every year.

They show us respect and love when we go for a mid­night meal at The Palace Cafe.

We know we’re going to get good service at a fair price when we go to Glory to God.

And we know com­munity members will strike up a con­ver­sation with us when we’re hanging out at Here’s to You Pub and Grub.

So, let’s show them the respect they deserve by rethinking our use of the word townie. We shouldn’t use it to divide the college from the town. We should use it as a title that includes all of us.

And be thankful you’re a townie. It’s a pres­ti­gious position. Only a few hundred stu­dents each year get the oppor­tunity to join this great com­munity.

  • Penny Swan

    Love this. Thank you.

  • Ellsworth_Toohey

    Here we go again…