Simpson Asylum, 2015 | Courtesy


Simpson will hold its “asylum” this Friday, Oct. 13, for the fourth year in a row. In cel­e­bration of the upcoming Hal­loween season and because of Friday the 13, Simpson decided to have the asylum a earlier this year.

There is an entrance fee of $2, with all pro­ceeds going to the Sal­vation Army Christmas Drive.

“It will be scary, but we scare because we care,” sophomore Dietrich Bals­baugh said. “That’s the motto of Simpson Asylum.”

Senior Joe Pap­palardo, who headed up the asylum for the past few years, said he loves the spon­taneity and themes of the event.

“It’s actually best to show up 9:30 to 11p.m., when the guys have hit their stride and started getting cre­ative with their char­acters,” Pap­palardo said.   

Stephen Richmann, a sophomore in Simpson, said he is looking forward to the sur­prise and scaring stu­dents.

“There’s usually one person who freaks out just a little too much,” Richmann said. “I’m looking forward to finding out who that is this year.”

Junior Josh Bailey, a Simpson RA, said he loves the cre­ative way that the guys come up with to frighten people.

“My favorite part is coming up with crazy and fun ideas to scare people,” Bailey said. “The reac­tions are priceless. I am espe­cially excited for this year because we have a ton of ener­getic and involved res­i­dents.”

The prepa­ration for the event can be pretty intense, according to Richmann and Bals­baugh.  

“The mirac­ulous thing about Simpson is how fast a bunch of like-minded guys can pull off some­thing as logis­ti­cally intense as Asylum,” Richmann said. “There’ll be a blitzkrieg of prep work late this week as everyone kicks into high gear together.”