A.R.T. to host first Drink and Draw event at Rough Draft on Oct. 18. Pexels | Courtesy


Hillsdale’s art honorary, Alpha Rho Tau, is holding its first Drink and Draw event at Rough Draft on Wednesday starting at 8 p.m.

Alpha Rho Tau is selling $10 tickets in the Grewcock Student Union and at Rough Draft up until the event. The ticket covers one drink, alcoholic or nonalcoholic for those under 21, and art supplies. They will provide bracelets at the door.

Senior Rachael Reynolds, the president of Alpha Rho Tau, said the honorary will provide everything, including drawing paper, charcoal, graphite, erasers, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and even coloring sheets.

“We wanted to make it some sort of artistic event, but not make it for people who don’t necessarily have art skills that are unable to come because of that,” Reynolds said. “So basically we’ve made it inclusive in that way.”

The honorary will also provide still-life and real-life models for people to draw. “Professor Bushey is Modeling and so are four of our members,” Reynolds said. “I’m so excited about that.”

Barbara Bushey, professor of art, said she thinks modeling will be fun.

“It’s my role. I’m the head of the department, right?” Bushey said, laughing. “It’s just part of my job.”

Bushey said she appreciates the sense of community owner Carlyn Hubbard is creating at Rough Draft.

“Anything that convinces people to draw is a good thing,” said Bushey. “I think it’s fun that we can get together and have a coffee or a beer and draw.”

The honorary took pictures of their models and created coloring pages for people to fill in, according to Reynolds.

“I’m excited about it because this is just a really transformative year for the honorary,” Reynolds said.