A.R.T. to host first Drink and Draw event at Rough Draft on Oct. 18. Pexels | Courtesy


Hillsdale’s art hon­orary, Alpha Rho Tau, is holding its first Drink and Draw event at Rough Draft on Wednesday starting at 8 p.m.

Alpha Rho Tau is selling $10 tickets in the Grewcock Student Union and at Rough Draft up until the event. The ticket covers one drink, alco­holic or non­al­co­holic for those under 21, and art sup­plies. They will provide bracelets at the door.

Senior Rachael Reynolds, the pres­ident of Alpha Rho Tau, said the hon­orary will provide every­thing, including drawing paper, charcoal, graphite, erasers, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and even col­oring sheets.

“We wanted to make it some sort of artistic event, but not make it for people who don’t nec­es­sarily have art skills that are unable to come because of that,” Reynolds said. “So basi­cally we’ve made it inclusive in that way.”

The hon­orary will also provide still-life and real-life models for people to draw. “Pro­fessor Bushey is Mod­eling and so are four of our members,” Reynolds said. “I’m so excited about that.”

Barbara Bushey, pro­fessor of art, said she thinks mod­eling will be fun.

“It’s my role. I’m the head of the department, right?” Bushey said, laughing. “It’s just part of my job.”

Bushey said she appre­ciates the sense of com­munity owner Carlyn Hubbard is cre­ating at Rough Draft.

“Any­thing that con­vinces people to draw is a good thing,” said Bushey. “I think it’s fun that we can get together and have a coffee or a beer and draw.”

The hon­orary took pic­tures of their models and created col­oring pages for people to fill in, according to Reynolds.

“I’m excited about it because this is just a really trans­for­mative year for the hon­orary,” Reynolds said.