Senior Meghan Cain co-hosts a radio show. Kiara Freeman | Courtesy

Sophomore Kiara Freeman awoke on a Monday morning to a text reading: “How busy are you this semester?”

That afternoon she found herself with senior Mehgan Cain in a WRFH Radio Free Hillsdale meeting, where the duo joined the growing number of student shows on 101.7 FM. They recorded their first episode of comedy show “Miss Informed” on Monday of last week, and episode two is already in the works.

“I feel like pol­itics are pretty big at Hillsdale, and I wanted to do some­thing to deviate from that,” Cain said. “We really wanted to bring some­thing to air that was high­lighting some of the other cool aspects of Hillsdale.”

Cain attempted a solo run at the radio station last year, but said the workload was too much for one person. The addition of Freeman and more student help made “Miss Informed” a pos­si­bility.

“The way they have it set up this year is so cohesive and so great,” she said.

This year, the radio station has a larger staff, more pro­ducers, and is almost always working on its 18 shows and 10 fea­tures, according to General Manager Scot Bertram. Shows run 30 to 60 minutes including ads, while fea­tures are only five or fewer. Some of the newest addi­tions went through trial runs last year, and Bertram noted a couple fea­tures and shows are still in the works.

After getting the program started last year, Bertram now has the assis­tance of junior Shadrach Strehle and sophomore Martin Petersen, who act as his program director and senior pro­ducer.

“I work alongside Scot for sched­uling and content,” Strehle said. “My respon­si­bility is what goes on the station.”

To get a show on air, stu­dents must first contact Bertram or Strehle with their ideas. Once they receive an email from the station staff, can­di­dates are tasked with cre­ating a motto, mission statement, and rundown of their show. After a meeting or two at the station, they may record their first show and run it on air if it meets Bertram’s and Strehle’s stan­dards.

“Our quality restric­tions aren’t incredibly high, but we try to make sure that people are focused on what they’re doing,” Strehle said. “This is a learning sit­u­ation.”
Six new and revised shows launched on the air­waves this semester.

Miss Informed
The result of  a “fever dream,” this comedy show fea­tures Cain and Freeman on Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and Sundays at 5:30 p.m. The half-hour show covers pop culture and airs inter­views with stu­dents. Last week’s episode fea­tured seniors Daniel Cody and Callie Ring dis­cussing Cody’s bloody accident with a vase in a restaurant.

Con­serving the Classics
Senior Mark Naida and junior Nic Rowan bring their breadth of music knowledge to the micro­phone in this show, digging through archives to expose lis­teners to “classic” songs.

“They tell cool stories about music,” Strehle said. “This week’s episode is going to feature how I got named after a Beastie Boys song.”

The show airs at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays, and also sits in rotation, — gets airplay — on weekends.

The Daily Grind
Sophomore Jacquelyn Eubanks shows her sto­ry­telling skills in this program inspired by comedy variety program A Prairie Home Com­panion. The show con­cerns a fic­tional town, with original char­acters created by Eubanks.

This American Week
Junior Erik Halverson covers current events, sports, and pol­itics in his week-in-review show. The half-hour program runs on weekends, as Halverson dis­cusses high­lights from the past week.

Out of Context
In what Strehle com­pares to “classic vaude­villian comedy,” sopho­mores Jake Sievers and Carson Waites explain news head­lines with no further infor­mation than the title. “Out of Context” is a short feature, running at about five minutes each episode.

Around the World
Sophomore Ben Diet­derich hosts this hour-long show every other week, inter­viewing his friends from around the world and asking them to share their varied per­spec­tives on current issues. It’s more “con­ver­sa­tional” than his view­point-chal­lenging show “Devil’s Advocate,” which fills the alter­nating weeks.

Student shows typ­i­cally air from 7 to 9 a.m., noon to 4 p.m., and after 9 p.m. on weekdays. Some shows are also selected to fill time on weekends when space allows. Besides 101.7 FM, lis­teners can also find the shows on Radio Free Hillsdale’s Sound­Cloud.