Meijer con­firmed this week it is looking to open its first location in Hillsdale County.

The outisde of Cold­wa­ter’s Meijer, which is cur­rently looking to expand to Hillsdale. Wiki­media Commons

The pri­vately owned cor­po­ration based in Grand Rapids is working to pur­chase a plot of land — nearly 50 acres and located in Fayette Township — on West Car­leton Road, located between Frank Beck Chevrolet and Beck Road, according to Fayette Township Super­visor John Kalusniak.

Kalusniak said dis­cussion between Meijer and the property owner has taken place over the past six months and plans are now beginning to take shape. Fayette Township approved a zoning change in township board meeting on Oct. 2, changing the property’s status from agri­cul­tural to indus­trial, con­tingent on the property’s pur­chase. Kalusniak said this was the first step in final­izing nego­ti­a­tions with Meijer.

“The next step is to see if Meijer will pur­chase the property,” he said in a phone interview. “Every­thing is con­tingent on that next step.”

A media rep­re­sen­tative from Meijer con­firmed the potential expansion and said although there are no official plans, the company has signed a pre­lim­inary pur­chase agreement with the property owner.

Kalusniak said Fayette Township and the City of Hillsdale will have to reach a 425 agreement — a con­tract that will allow both cities to benefit from tax rev­enues resulting from the expanded devel­opment — because Fayette Township would be unable to provide water and sewer for the new business.

Kalusniak said res­i­dents have voiced con­cerns about the impending expansion, citing con­cerns over traffic flow, lighting, and property taxes. Fayette Township will have to review its traffic light place­ments in the nearby area, if the pur­chase is finalized, he said.

Kalusniak said he does not think small business will suffer if Meijer moves to Hillsdale County. The new company will bring com­pe­tition, he said, but more so to Walmart than to local shops. “Meijer will also bring jobs to Hillsdale County,” Kalusniak said. “There will be con­struction jobs and store ones. We need that.”

Despite con­cerns, Kalusniak said overall, Meijer would be a good addition to the com­munity.

“It would be a big improvement to the area and the county,” he said. “We’ve been trying to develop that area between Hillsdale and Jonesville for a while, so the more busi­nesses we can get in there, the better.”

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