Stu­dents looking to make the most of the last few weeks of nice weather should look no further than the front desk attendant of the Grewcock Student Union.

A quick con­ver­sation can get stu­dents access to mountain bikes to use on Hayden Park’s trails and, come spring, pad­dle­boards or kayaks to take on Baw Beese Lake. Stu­dents manning the desk can also direct stu­dents to Hayden Park’s new frisbee golf course and com­ple­mentary driving range.

Although the Student Activ­ities Office offers many answers to the com­plaint that “there’s nothing to do in Hillsdale,” many recre­ational resources are underused, Assistant Director of Student Activ­ities Hank Prim said.

“I think the dis­connect starts with the fact that we are a very rela­tional campus,” Prim said. “We can put as many posters up as we want, send out as many campus-wide emails, and put it all over social media, but at the end of the day, if the majority of people don’t know about some­thing, they’re not going to spread the word.”

Few people under­stand the struggle of small-town boredom — and its many pos­sible solu­tions — better than the alumni who direct the student activ­ities office. They’re always available, and they can connect stu­dents to campus oppor­tu­nities through the Student Activ­ities Board, campus clubs, dorm res­i­dence life, or the GOAL Program.

Hillsdale’s Chamber of Com­merce also pub­lishes a com­plete guide of all the things to do in Hillsdale, and stu­dents can pick up a copy at the SAB office.

Prim said the Source, though stu­dents write it off as a freshmen-only event, is often used to alert stu­dents to new devel­op­ments, such as the frisbee golf course.

SAB also has a Snapchat and Instagram (@hillsdale_sab for both) and fol­lowing its social media is a way to keep up to date on the activ­ities offered to stu­dents, including weekday SAB events.

All these resources are acces­sible simply by talking to the desk attendant in the union.

“Before coming to Hillsdale, I think people are used to a lot of bar­riers before they can get things,” Prim said. “Our office’s goal is to chop down as many of those bar­riers to make things as acces­sible as pos­sible.”