Shouting dis­rupted my peaceful dinner last Wednesday night when the men of Simpson swarmed A.J.’s Café for the wing-eating contest, chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Yet perhaps a more apt chant might have been “Exclusion! Gluttony! Pride!”

As home­coming rolls around each year, I look forward to the events and the hope of top­pling Simpson that it brings. I abhor, however, the eating contest. Every other event brings the dorms together and allows many people to par­tic­ipate. For the eating contest, you have  a small chance of being able to par­tic­ipate. And unless you happen to be absurdly tall, you will not even be able to watch.

Worse, eating con­tests do not promote school spirit but rather the spirit of gluttony. Hillsdale College pur­ports to follow the tra­dition of Aris­totle, who rec­om­mends mod­er­ation in all things. Where is the medi­ation as you devour 12 wings in three minutes? Many aspects of Roman culture are admirable, but do we need puke buckets in Saga?

As I walked away from A.J.’s that night, I passed a poster for the Simpson Food Drive. This year’s eating contest was not only repulsive, but also poorly timed. Hur­ricane Harvey and Hur­ricane Irma wreaked dev­as­tation on the southern United States, but up north, we con­tinue to revel in our excess of food. Each week the King’s Kup­board here in Hillsdale asks for vol­un­teers. Yet at Hillsdale College we would rather use food to nourish our pride instead of our bodies or souls.


Rose Schweizer is a senior studying math­e­matics.