Jilly Beans expanded its hours with the hope that college stu­dents will visit the coffee shop to study and enjoy special perks.

The exterior of Jilly Beans cof­fe­house, located in downtown Hillsdale. Facebook

Every Tuesday, Jilly Beans is now open until 10 p.m., specif­i­cally to accom­modate stu­dents. Addi­tionally, the coffee shop is now open on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Cus­tomers will have a chance to receive extra punches on punch cards or free items such as coffee and cookies on Tuesday nights.

“We will be doing some­thing special each of those days,” said owner Mary Ellen Sattler, who pur­chased the cof­fee­house last March. “We’d like some feedback on what the stu­dents would like to see.”

Jilly Beans will con­tinue to offer soups, chili, and paninis into the evenings, in order to keep up what Sattler described as “more of a homey feel.” She also encouraged cus­tomers to visit the secret garden, a patio and garden behind the coffee shop.

“The secret garden is beau­tiful in the evenings,” Sattler said. “We have the twinkle lights up and it is truly enchanting! And the wifi works out there!”

Katie Crowley is an employee of Jilly Beans and a junior at Jackson College. She came up with the idea of staying open late one night a week to attract college stu­dents.

“As a college student, I thought of places people could go to get away from school and the library and all that and still be able to succeed in their studies,” Crowley said. “I love the envi­ronment of Jilly Beans. I thought the late night would be a great way to study with friends, have coffee, and have a sense of a home away from home.”

Both Sattler and Crowley said that some college stu­dents have been vis­iting on Tuesday nights, as have local res­i­dents, but many people do not know about the extended hours.

“It’s amazing how many stop in and are sur­prised to know that we are open later on certain days as well as Sunday,” Sattler said.

She said that she hopes to see more college stu­dents come by.

Senior Duncan Voyles said that he visits Jilly Beans twice a week, and is usually there on Tuesday nights.

“I like that Jilly Beans puts life at school in per­spective by reminding me of life outside it,” Voyles said. “Whether it’s lis­tening to a group of men who’ve gathered to shoot the breeze over their morning coffee or watching kids eagerly pick from the menu when their mother brings them in after school, classes and respon­si­bil­ities seem less all-con­suming when these little things remind me of life beyond com­pleting the next assignment.”

He added that Jilly Beans is one of his favorite places to study, whether that means working hard in an atmos­phere that’s not too dis­tracting, or having a good time reading with friends.

Crowley said that the extra perks offered on Tuesdays are good incen­tives for stu­dents, and that more ideas are planned. For instance, stu­dents may be able to suggest drinks they would like to have, and become the namesake if the drink is chosen.

“Some­times the first drink is on the house to get them in,” Crowley said. “We want to show stu­dents we appre­ciate them coming.”

Voyles said that these extra treats help make college night even better.

“As an eco­nomics major, I can get behind incen­tives,” he said. “Between the punch card triple punches and first-time free drinks, Jilly Beans is slaying the incen­tives game.”