On the back wall of Here’s to You Pub & Grub there hangs a framed flour sack from F. W. Stock & Sons labeled “Stock’s Brand Wheat.” It reminds patrons of a time when Hillsdale residents woke early and bustled about their kitchens cooking their own hearty food.

Here’s to You Pub & Grub now offers Eggs Benedict and biscuits and gravy on its brunch menu. Mark Naida | Collegian

Now, their favorite bar is carrying on that tradition of hearty, homemade breakfast food.

“We are just another breakfast option, but we are the only place that serves breakfast and a drink on Saturdays,” owner Kevin Conant said.

Two weeks ago, Pub & Grub added a brunch menu served on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 8 a.m. until noon. Breakfast beers are included only on Saturday mornings, since restaurants cannot serve beer and wine until noon — and liquor can’t be sold at all — on Sundays in Hillsdale County.

Owner Kevin Conant and his staff began to look into new menu items two months ago, and after much tweaking and experimentation, they opened the menu to the public.

And it isn’t just bacon and eggs cooked to order. Pub & Grub’s menu features classic fare like corn beef hash, quiche, and French toast alongside delicate dishes of Eggs Benedict and hearty platefuls of biscuits and gravy.

The best thing about it? It’s all homemade.

“The menu has more home-cooked, non-processed food. With the hash browns, I come in a peel potatoes. I grind the sausage every morning before the shift,” manager Robb Ray said.

Unlike many bars, Pub & Grub has always made food quality a priority, Ray said.

“We have always had a high-end menu,” he said.

The pub serves a regular dinner menu with craft burgers. It smokes its own meats and has also featured Kobe beef burgers and their chili cheese fries were ranked among the best in the state by MLive.

Carly Hubbard ’16 said she has been eating at Pub & Grub for seven years.

“Some of their specials are crazy with great cuts of meats with homemade sauces. The reuben is so so good,” she said. “They have the sauce down to a science.”

Hubbard said she is excited about the new brunch menu. For dinner at the pub, she usually orders the Jessica Burger, a beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and an over-easy egg.

“It is so messy, that if you aren’t walking out with a stain on your shirt you are doing it wrong,” she said.

The staff of Pub & Grub does not serves the entrees alone either. Four of the six breakfast platters are served with a side of crispy, golden hash browns that seem like a regal delicacy compared to the hash browns that are more commonly mashed than hashed.

“Most places use commercial hashbrowns which already have a coating on them. Ours are fresh and fried in butter,” Conant said.

Breakfast platters range from $6 to $10 and a small breakfast from the a la carte menu is less than $5.

There are many options for a conventional breakfast in Hillsdale County, but Pub & Grub offers unique fare and, if you are up for it, a drink to start the day.