On the back wall of Here’s to You Pub & Grub there hangs a framed flour sack from F. W. Stock & Sons labeled “Stock’s Brand Wheat.” It reminds patrons of a time when Hillsdale res­i­dents woke early and bustled about their kitchens cooking their own hearty food.

Here’s to You Pub & Grub now offers Eggs Benedict and bis­cuits and gravy on its brunch menu. Mark Naida | Col­legian

Now, their favorite bar is car­rying on that tra­dition of hearty, homemade breakfast food.

“We are just another breakfast option, but we are the only place that serves breakfast and a drink on Sat­urdays,” owner Kevin Conant said.

Two weeks ago, Pub & Grub added a brunch menu served on Sat­urday and Sunday mornings from 8 a.m. until noon. Breakfast beers are included only on Sat­urday mornings, since restau­rants cannot serve beer and wine until noon — and liquor can’t be sold at all — on Sundays in Hillsdale County.

Owner Kevin Conant and his staff began to look into new menu items two months ago, and after much tweaking and exper­i­men­tation, they opened the menu to the public.

And it isn’t just bacon and eggs cooked to order. Pub & Grub’s menu fea­tures classic fare like corn beef hash, quiche, and French toast alongside del­icate dishes of Eggs Benedict and hearty platefuls of bis­cuits and gravy.

The best thing about it? It’s all homemade.

“The menu has more home-cooked, non-processed food. With the hash browns, I come in a peel potatoes. I grind the sausage every morning before the shift,” manager Robb Ray said.

Unlike many bars, Pub & Grub has always made food quality a pri­ority, Ray said.

“We have always had a high-end menu,” he said.

The pub serves a regular dinner menu with craft burgers. It smokes its own meats and has also fea­tured Kobe beef burgers and their chili cheese fries were ranked among the best in the state by MLive.

Carly Hubbard ’16 said she has been eating at Pub & Grub for seven years.

“Some of their spe­cials are crazy with great cuts of meats with homemade sauces. The reuben is so so good,” she said. “They have the sauce down to a science.”

Hubbard said she is excited about the new brunch menu. For dinner at the pub, she usually orders the Jessica Burger, a beef patty topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, and an over-easy egg.

“It is so messy, that if you aren’t walking out with a stain on your shirt you are doing it wrong,” she said.

The staff of Pub & Grub does not serves the entrees alone either. Four of the six breakfast platters are served with a side of crispy, golden hash browns that seem like a regal del­icacy com­pared to the hash browns that are more com­monly mashed than hashed.

“Most places use com­mercial hash­browns which already have a coating on them. Ours are fresh and fried in butter,” Conant said.

Breakfast platters range from $6 to $10 and a small breakfast from the a la carte menu is less than $5.

There are many options for a con­ven­tional breakfast in Hillsdale County, but Pub & Grub offers unique fare and, if you are up for it, a drink to start the day.