As the cap­ti­vating fall season descends on Michigan, outdoor eating becomes a sought-after luxury. In Hillsdale County, many restau­rants offer outdoor seating, but a few dis­tin­guish from the rest.

Here’s a list of some of the best joints in town, based on the deli­ciousness, beauty, and eco­nomic con­sid­er­a­tions of these restaurants.

Saucy Dog’s

The Saucy Dog’s BBQ in Jonesville (Flickr)

Saucy Dog’s is a hardcore American bar­becue. They serve burgers, hot dogs, wings, ribs, you name it. With fan­tastic pricing (including $0.50 wings on Tuesdays and $10.99 Alaskan cod, chips, and coleslaw on Fridays) and a good selection of outdoor seating, Saucy Dog’s serves as one of the best outdoor grills in Hillsdale County.

Coneys and Swirls

Coney’s & Swirls in Hillsdale (Cal Abbo | Collegian)

This small ice cream and coney mixer is located in the heart of downtown Hillsdale, making it a great location for college stu­dents to gather. It offers a few tables of outdoor seating, but don’t let its size scare you– the $4.50 double cheese­burger will make you forget your Bon Appetit meal plan.

The Deck Down Under

The Deck Down Under in Jerome (Courtesy)

This restaurant sits on the fancier side of the dining spectrum. It serves absurdly addictive pizza for the simple food-lovers along with a mul­titude of seafood dishes for college stu­dents willing to exper­iment. While the prices will be slightly higher than others on this list, the artisan food is well worth the few extra dollars.

Rosalie’s Roadhouse

Ros­alie’s Road­house in Jonesville (Courtesy)

This road­house restaurant has arguably the best ambiance in all of Hillsdale County, along with great patio seating. They serve any­thing from pizza and spaghetti to Mexican food. The atmos­phere and quality of the food provide great value for the cost. This is an essential date night spot for any serious Hillsdale couple.

The Outpost Grill

The Outpost Grill in Allen (Cal Abbo | Collegian)

As a sanc­tuary for the classic American burger and fries, The Outpost Grill has done the job and done it well. Grabbing a 20 oz. shake for $2.99 to help wash it down isn’t a bad idea either. This lesser-known restaurant com­bines the typical grill with low prices and con­ve­nient outdoor seating to create some­thing special for Hillsdale County.