Sophomore Bryce Sealock prepares campus for Charger game day

On the day of the first football game last season, then-freshman kicker Bryce Sealock sat in a lobby in Simpson Res­i­dence and revisited the “It’s Wednesday, My Dudes” Vine by user Jim­myHere. He sud­denly ran to his room and reap­peared minutes later sporting his football goggles and a drawn-on mus­tache, mim­icking JimmyHere’s outfit in the vine.

“It’s game day, my dudes!” Sealock yelled.

The phrase is now iconic.

Ever since, game days mean Sealock, a sophomore, can release a new video to his Twitter account inspired by the famous vine.

Sealock tries to upload these videos to his Twitter every Charger football game day with the help of his team­mates, sopho­mores Alex Giampietro and Tommy Froman. They even have a GroupMe message ded­i­cated to his videos.

“I wasn’t really involved until four or five videos in. Then Bryce ran out of ideas, so he started asking Alex and I for help,” Froman said.

Froman revealed that they partly agreed to helping because they wanted to see all the crazy things they could con­vince Sealock to do.

In one instance, Sealock filmed a video in the bathroom near the Knorr Dining Room before a pregame meal. He imme­di­ately tweeted the video.

“We were just sitting in the cafe­teria on our phones…you could actually hear the video on everyone else’s phones trav­eling through the cafe­teria from one corner to the other,” Froman said.

Another of Sealock’s videos, Froman’s favorite, fea­tured him jumping into a pond while wearing a shark fin. Froman said Sealock cut his foot.

“To keep getting likes and retweets, you have to keep doing crazier things…and that’s a lot of effort,” Sealock said.

Sealock and Froman men­tioned that head football coach Keith Otterbein has viewed the videos. Sealock said it keeps him in check, as the football page and many of his team­mates follow his account.

“It’s hard to come up with ideas that won’t get you into trouble,” Sealock said.

Sophomore Calla Janke, who always watches Sealock’s videos, also said her favorite video is of Sealock jumping in the pond behind the football field.

“You never know what to expect with his videos…they get me hype for game day,” Janke said. “If you don’t know Bryce, it’s a really good way to get to know him.”

Janke said after meeting Sealock freshman year at Dr. Arnn’s annual freshman dessert party and learning that they both were natives of Nebraska, she knew that she had to adopt Bryce as her Charger — an oppor­tunity pro­vided by Hillsdale’s Student Activ­ities Board, where stu­dents commit to sup­porting an athlete with small gifts.

“The high­light of my week every week is bringing Bryce cookies or pow­erade and seeing his face light up,” Janke said.

Sealock said he can’t let his fol­lowers down and that he keeps making videos because they keep retweeting them.

“The videos made people think football is still fun,” Sealock said. “College football doesn’t have to be all business when you are getting ready for game day…it should be exciting when you’re getting ready to play a sport you like.”

Sealock said the videos have reached people at his former high school and one student has even ref­er­enced them on his social media.

“I think people should follow me because I have one of the dopest twitter accounts,” Sealock said. “I mean that probably might not be true.”

To see Sealock’s latest video where he drops a tele­vision from a 3‑story building, and classics fea­turing him jumping into various bodies of water, visit his Twitter @brycesealock1.