Student Activities Board hosts its annual Color Run | Courtesy


The Student Activities Board is holding its fourth annual Color Run at Hayden Park this Saturday.

The run takes place at the five-kilometer track wrapping behind the park. Students are doused with handfuls of multicolored chalk-dyes while they run. The Color Run, unlike most large campus events, focuses on healthy physical activity.  

“We want to create opportunities for students who wouldn’t necessarily get out and get active to do it in a fun way,” Director of Student Activities Ashlyn Landherr said. “The Color Run is kind of our first event that is recreation-focused, but it’s still more on the fun, social side.”

Hank Prim, assistant director of student activities, agreed.

“I think it’s important that we create opportunities for wellness, just as much as for social, so the Color Run is an opportunity for both,” Prim said. “There’s a lot more to Student Activities than just parties and big events, and it starts with these more niche events that are more recreational-focused.”

Students do not have to run to participate in the event, however. Dorms and Greek houses across campus join in by dressing in one color and throwing the colored chalk, competing to be the house with most spirit.

“Everyone will receive a T-shirt, although if you have other white clothes, by all means, deck yourself out in white,” said Branden Bisher, a senior who is helping to coordinate the event.

SAB is hoping to draw around 75 people.

“It’s about getting as many people out there and having as good a time on a Saturday morning as we can,” Landherr said.

Maria Forsythe, a sophomore who participated in the run last year, said the race does not have to be a competitive event.

“If anyone is hesitant about doing it, I would say still do it, even if you’re not a runner or haven’t been running for a long time,” Forsythe said.  “Some people look at it as a race and want to win, but I don’t really care about that, so I just have fun with it.”