The Film and Production club is hosting a Halloween horror story video competition. Pexels | Courtesy


Anybody who wields a camera or phone can try for free coffee by making a spooky movie this Halloween.

Hillsdale’s Film and Production Club is hosting a horror film contest for students, with a first prize of $15 to local coffee shop Rough Draft.

Senior Kayla Stetzel, president of the Film and Production Club, came up with the contest idea. She said the hope behind the contest is to “encourage students to get involved and start creating something.”

The club is looking for submissions of films from two to five minutes long.

Both Stetzel and senior Beau Jarrett, the treasurer for the film club, stressed that students from all skill levels are welcome to submit a film.

“Halloween-themed films are really easy to do,” Stetzel said. “A lot of famous directors started out with horror movies.”

Jarrett added that the movies can be shot on iPhones, noting that judges won’t be expecting a perfectly edited film.

The club will be flexible regarding submissions, according to Stetzel. For example, they welcome funny horror films as well as serious ones.

The club will have a viewing party after the contest has ended. The exact location and time has yet to be determined.

For more information, students are directed to the club’s Facebook page—“Hillsdale College Film and Production Club.” The contest’s promotional video is posted there, and further information about the contest and viewing party will be posted there as well.

Interested students should submit films by 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29. All submissions should be sent to Jordyn Pair at her email