Senior Rachael Reynolds participated in ArtPrize, the annual competition in Grand Rapids. Rachael Reynolds | Courtesy

How did people react to your art?

Rachael Reynolds, senior:

“The piece is called ‘Textured Soul: Recluse, Rumination and Resolve.’ I used the language of the tattoo on my model to tie the first and third prints together. It tells a story through the texture. At some point, you have to start putting yourself out there and this was my first shot at that. It was a great experience to move past the terrifying part and onto the exciting, the ‘I can actually do this’ feeling.”

What made your experience this year better than the last?

Sara Pezella ’17:

“My venue this year was a lot more central than the venue I had last year. Even though last year was a great experience, I was really pleased when I visited this year, because there was a lot more foot traffic at the corner of Monroe Center and Division (MoDiv) compared to the venue I was in last year. I have a lot of love in my heart for ArtPrize, and I felt that this year I was able to build upon the experience I gained last year doing ArtPrize and other shows.”

Sara Pezella ’17 submitted three photographs to ArtPrize, which she also participated in last year. Sara Pezella | Courtesy

What did you enter in the show?


“My entry was called ‘Near//Far’ and was on display at MoDiv. It was a series of three photos printed on aluminum.”