Senior Rachael Reynolds par­tic­i­pated in Art­Prize, the annual com­pe­tition in Grand Rapids. Rachael Reynolds | Courtesy

How did people react to your art?

Rachael Reynolds, senior:

“The piece is called ‘Tex­tured Soul: Recluse, Rumi­nation and Resolve.’ I used the lan­guage of the tattoo on my model to tie the first and third prints together. It tells a story through the texture. At some point, you have to start putting yourself out there and this was my first shot at that. It was a great expe­rience to move past the ter­ri­fying part and onto the exciting, the ‘I can actually do this’ feeling.”

What made your expe­rience this year better than the last?

Sara Pezella ’17:

“My venue this year was a lot more central than the venue I had last year. Even though last year was a great expe­rience, I was really pleased when I visited this year, because there was a lot more foot traffic at the corner of Monroe Center and Division (MoDiv) com­pared to the venue I was in last year. I have a lot of love in my heart for Art­Prize, and I felt that this year I was able to build upon the expe­rience I gained last year doing Art­Prize and other shows.”

Sara Pezella ’17 sub­mitted three pho­tographs to Art­Prize, which she also par­tic­i­pated in last year. Sara Pezella | Courtesy

What did you enter in the show?


“My entry was called ‘Near//Far’ and was on display at MoDiv. It was a series of three photos printed on alu­minum.”