Alumnus and current Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Holmes ’11 donated new uni­forms to the Hillsdale College football team. (Photo: Charger Ath­letics | Courtesy)

When assistant coach Pat Hornak came up at the end of the football team’s practice last week, the team expected a routine announcement. Instead, Hornak unzipped his jacket, revealing new uni­forms for the team.

“They went nuts,” head coach Keith Otterbein said.

Hillsdale alumnus and current Buffalo Bills wide receiver Andre Holmes ’11 donated the the jerseys. A dark gray with white script, they are welcome addition to the blue and white uni­forms cur­rently in the team’s rotation, said senior captain Danny Drummond.

“The gray looks pretty cool,” Drummond said. “It’s a good com­pliment to our white and blue.”

Otterbein agreed.

“They’re very sharp,” he said. “They turned out well.”

Drummond said he likes how com­fortable the uni­forms are, saying they provide a “good range of motion.”

The team didn’t just get new uni­forms, though. The team also debuted new white helmets on Sept. 9. Chargers football hadn’t ever had white helmets before this season, according to Sports Infor­mation Director Brad Monas­tiere. The team wore another new white helmet on Sat­urday, fea­turing the “Chargers” script.

Orig­i­nally, the team was only sup­posed to receive new helmets. Last winter, it was given a choice between new helmets or new uni­forms.

“I knew I could afford some­thing,” Otterbein said. “The players decided to go with the helmets.”

That was when Otterbein approached Holmes.

“As a former player, you have a pretty close rela­tionship with the guys,” Otterbein said.

The coach said this was Holmes’ first time donating to the program, though he declined to comment on the cost of the uni­forms.

Being able to debut the new uni­forms at the game with ESPN in atten­dance was a “happy coin­ci­dence,” Otterbein said.

Drummond said the team plans to next wear the new uni­forms on Senior Day.

“We’re going to wear at least one com­ponent of them as much as pos­sible because they’re so com­fortable,” Drummond said.